T-shape engineers are prepared to navigate and solve complex issues in technology and society. They have a depth in engineering skills (the stem of the “T”) along with the breadth needed for customer empathy, insight, and engagement, which include the boundary spanning communication skills to articulate business value and speak in economic terms on behalf of the customers(the crossbar of the “T”).

However, innovative companies need engineers whose breadth also includes an entrepreneurial mindset needed to see and seize real customer opportunities. Faculty members within the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) recognize the power of pairing the T-shaped skillset with an advanced entrepreneurial mindset. An engineer equipped in this way can demonstrate true intrapreneurship by identifying and exploring contrarian views, integrating information and feedback, and identifying unexpected opportunities to co-create value with and for customers.

Doug Melton, KEEN program director, interviewed Jim Spohrer, director of IBM University Programs, to learn more about the relationship between the entrepreneurial mindset and the T-shaped engineer. Below, view slides from the completed webinar presentation. A recording of the webinar will be posted soon.