Instilling a Mindset W elcome to our inaugural issue of KEEN’zine! This publication of the Kern Entrepreneurship Education Network (KEEN) provides resources and strategies related to the national effort to create entrepreneurially minded, technically skilled engineering talent. KEEN is a network of higher education institutions — a share-group, working together to foster an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students across the United States. The Network is a realization of the vision of Robert and Patricia Kern (learn more about this remarkable couple on page 20) and is established through The Kern Family Foundation. In this issue, you will find industry and academic leaders describing the critical need for a particular brand of engineer in today’s environment and discussing what they are doing to advance this vision. Regardless of their field, engineers must have an enterprising attitude if they hope to contribute to the success of their employers, satisfy customers, and impact the overall U.S. economy. Entrepreneurial engineers anticipate societal and economic trends, and they work fervently to provide valuable solutions that drive new business opportunities, create jobs, and benefit society. But can these concepts really be taught in the classroom? As you will see, the answer is a resounding yes , and members of the KEEN Network are answering the call. We highlight specific examples of how faculty members within KEEN are changing their courses and programs to teach entrepreneurially minded engineering skills without sacrificing technical rigor. As a result, they are impacting students in unprecedented ways, developing engineers who can change the world. KEEN engineering students can make a difference even before they graduate. In our student feature, Ashley Meade describes how a KEEN freshmen course was formative in her educational development. The combination of technical skills and the entrepreneurial mindset that were part of her core instruction gave her the insight, confidence, and power to understand her employer’s customers and make decisions that impact the bottom line – while she was an intern! Some graduates of the KEEN program will begin new ventures, even years after graduation, while others will become leaders within a business environment, identifying avenues for expanding or creating new opportunities. Regardless, the entrepreneurial mindset will give them a decided edge in a global economy. We recognize that this is a mere glimpse into the work and success of members of the KEEN Network. We welcome this opportunity to further describe our shared vision. Feel free to contact me at if you have feedback or would like to learn more. Enjoy! Doug Melton KEEN Program Director WELCOME