32 KEEN Resources Contributions to the Network are available to any institution interested in increasing the impact and value of an engineering education through instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate students. Here is a sample of some recent resources contributed by Network partners. Links can be found in the online KEEN’zine at TOOLS The value proposition of the entrepreneurial engineer is told in a variety of ways. (videos) The KEEN Framework is useful for planning a program, course, or module. (Documents) WEBINARS Webinars by Penn State’s Melissa Marshall on effective communications and WPI’s Glenn Gaudette on computer- assisted learning environments that engage student curiosity are available at our website. More to come in this monthly series! (Website) Got KEEN? CURRICULUM LTU’s Don Carpenter brings freshmen civil engineering students into the real world with a simple exercise where they have to think, ask questions, and pivot based on the progressive disclosure of information in the construction of a house of cards. (instructor materials) University of Dayton’s Kim Bigelow helps freshmen biomedical engineering students go beyond their comfort zones to talk with practitioners and discover problems worth solving. (Instructor materials)