EDUCATORS. INNOVATORS. FRIENDS. WE ARE A NETWORK OF FACULTY TRANSFORMING ENGINEERING EDUCATION TOGETHER. In a dynamic and interconnected world, it is critical for undergraduate engineering schools to teach a technical skillset and an entrepreneurial mindset—fostering curiosity, connections, and the creation of value. KEEN is a collaboration of hundreds of engineering faculty educating undergraduate engineers with an entrepreneurial mindset so they can create personal, economic, and societal value through a lifetime of meaningful work. LEARN MORE AT E NGINEERING U NLEASHED.COM The belief that starting early is key has led ASU to incorporate entrepre- neurial mindset into multiple freshmen and pre-freshmen experiences. KEEN-centric faculty development is helping instructors share ideas and collaborate on strategies across disciplines. Bringing fresh ideas to the Network, contribute and pilot initiatives such as case studies, assessment, and credentialing models. Hands-on immersive experiences and Innovation, Design, Entrepreneurship, Application, & Systems (IDEAS) courses help students “go deep” in the 3C’s. Bite-sized, one-unit courses have proved to be a great way to build entrepreneur- ially minded learning into tight student course loads. 47 46