An entrepreneurial mindset has significantly enhanced imaginative thinking in my approach to teaching organic chemistry, mentoring future engineers and scientists on research projects, and advising student clubs and groups within the co-developed KEEN Credential Program. Both in and out of the classroom, EML has provided a clear and exciting path for my students toward becoming value-driven, hard-working problem solvers. ” REBECCA BOOTH DEVASHER ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR ROSE-HULMAN INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY “ “ The entrepreneurial mindset offers a powerful shift in identity for engineering students, from problem-solving followers to value creating decision-makers. Importantly, this shift transforms the universe of engineering possibilities for our students with a clear impact on academic motivations, interests, and contributions. I’m excited to see how our graduates benefit both personally and professionally from this richer university experience throughout their lives. ” KURT PATERSON HEAD OF ENGINEERING AND PROFESSOR JAMES MADISON UNIVERSITY “ WE ARE By instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in our students, we are preparing them for successful engineering careers, but we are also preparing them to see opportunities to add value in their workplaces, in their communities, and in the world. Entrepreneurially minded engineers recognize where they can add value and are empowered to do so, regardless of the context. ” MICHELLE SABICK DEAN AND PROFESSOR SAINT LOUIS UNIVERSITY “ I believe that teaching students entrepreneurial mindset is important as it connects them with the customer for their designs and allows them to fully contextualize the big picture of what they are trying to achieve with their work. Students develop a greater appreciation for the diverse nature of stakeholders involved and appreciate how there are many tradeoffs associated with creating value. ” CHERYL BODNAR ASSISTANT PROFESSOR ROWAN UNIVERSITY 50