KEENzine Partner Showcase

HOW TO LEAD CHANGE Explore the Network. Tap into the thought-leadership and experiences that KEEN provides. Make EM a conversation. EM isn’t about ‘doing EM.’ Invite people to discuss EM and help build a value proposition that connects to the work they are trying to do. Leverage existing groups and relationships. Visit communities within your school or campus to engage this work in a variety of contexts. Involve as many people and positions as possible. EM doesn’t just impact the classroom.Approachfacultyandstaffat all levels and roles to get involved and invested. Provide the space and time. Give people space to think, create, and integrate EM into their own approach to teaching, so it becomes a habit. Refine and align values. Be able to articulate the outcomes you’re trying to achieve, and enable working together. The keys for lasting impact are time, energy, communication, and community. MILWAUKEE SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Private. Partner since 2009 . 2,823 total students, 2,181 undergraduate engineering students, 93 engineering faculty. 14 15 KEEN’zine ― PARTNER SHOWCASE PARTNER SHOWCASE ― KEEN’zine