KEENzine Partner Showcase 8 9 KEEN’zine ― PARTNER SHOWCASE PARTNER SHOWCASE ― KEEN’zine “We were taking a ground-up philosophy, identifying faculty we thought could be champions in their departments and providing them with training so they could be examples within their own departments and stimulate curiosity of other faculty: ‘Maybe I can do that in my department!’ The pushback is always, ‘Well, you’re in that department, of course you can.’ You need to show people how they can incorporate these multidisciplinary elements without upsetting everything. Then you’ll have faculty willing to listen within their own areas of expertise.” - Cheryl Bodnar “ExEEd adopted EM, helped own it, helped us craft the mindset. There’s the mindset track — the thinking track — and then there is the more traditional entrepreneurship, business-plan competition. We’ve been able to build a culture where entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial mindset are interdependent. I would argue that mindset is part of entrepreneurship; you can’t do one without the other.” - Tony Lowman