St. Thomas is a nationally recognized leader for innovation in undergraduate engineering experience, and a preferred choice for working scientists and engineers in the region to advance their technical careers through graduate education. As part of the largest private university in Minnesota, the School of Engineering at St. Thomas comprises nearly 15% of the campus population. The School of Engineering offers undergraduate programs in Mechanical, Electrical, Computer, and Civil Engineering. Additionally, as the largest graduate school at St. Thomas, the School of Engineering has master’s level programming in Electrical, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Systems, and Software Engineering; Data Science, Regulatory Science, and Technology Management. The programs at the School of Engineering reflect the technical vitality and entrepreneurial spirit of the businesses and ventures that thrive in the Minneapolis-Saint-Paul region.

St. Thomas finds KEEN to be a faculty network of kindred spirit, one which prioritizes innovation in the engineering educational experience. Not only is entrepreneurial thinking critical for the nation and job creation, but it may serve to redefine what the engineering profession is in the eyes of society. If entrepreneurial thinking skills become part of our known character traits, we may resolve some of the most difficult pipeline recruitment problems our profession faces.
"To solve society's grand challenges, we need engineers who can apply curiosity and creativity to the technical skillsets they have in order to come up with truly innovative ideas. This is where an entrepreneurial mindset becomes important! "
- AnnMarie Thomas, Professor of Engineering, Entrepreneurship, and Business