Mindset + Skillsets
Think about it. Both skillset and mindset are necessary for students to succeed. But what is mindset? Simply put, mindset is the combination of attitudes, motivations, and dispositions. And when combined with an engineering skillset, students have know-why in addition to know-how.
In particular, the entrepreneurial mindset equips students to be more curious about the changing world, make connections from disparate information, and create extraordinary value for themselves and their communities. KEEN is a network dedicated to preparing undergraduate engineering students for success with the entrepreneurial mindset.
A network revolutionizing engineering education
KEEN partners with colleges and universities across the United States who are dedicated to transform their undergraduate engineering programs with the entrepreneurial mindset. This model of partnership and collaboration looks different across the country. Here are a few examples:
  • Arizona State University integrates entrepreneurial minded learning into freshmen and pre-freshmen experiences
  • Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology engages faculty to contribute and pilot initiatives for assessment and credentialing models
  • University of Dayton empowers faculty to infuse entrepreneurially minded learning into undergraduate engineering courses through a KEEN Fellows Program
Educators, innovators, and friends.
Faculty have joined a movement to transform engineering education. Together, they are transforming curriculum and campuses with entrepreneurially minded learning.
Even though they are spread across the country, faculty are able to co-create through the Engineering Unleashed online community. If you are interested in engaging with other faculty, learning from best practices, finding content that can be applied to your courses, or connecting with like-minded peers, this online community is for you.
There is a wealth of content that has been curated. Below you will find resources to explain entrepreneurially minded learning, KEEN partnership, and examples of mindset embedded within curriculum.
KEEN’zine publications feature stories of faculty, students, and industry working on developing entrepreneurially minded engineering graduates.
The video library includes explanations of what an entrepreneurial mindset is and highlights the work being done by KEEN partners.
From entire courses to individual modules to ideation techniques, you can explore it all here in our library of exemplar content.