EventsTeaching With Impact - Innovating Curriculum With Entrepreneurial Mindset
Hilton Milwaukee City Center
Milwaukee, WI
Teaching With Impact - Innovating Curriculum With Entrepreneurial Mindset
This event is from August 12 - 15, 2019

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Innovating Curriculum With Entrepreneurial Mindset (ICE) introduces faculty to the framework of entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) centered on curiosity, connections, and creating value. Through the exploration of each of these components, participants will learn about a variety of different active learning techniques that can be applied to instill the entrepreneurial mindset in students. Participants will also learn about key components for making a strong learning experience for their students including learning objectives, problem statements, and teamwork. Participants in ICE Workshops will apply the principles learned to create and share a teaching technique for a particular topic in their discipline.

How to participate in Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development:

  1. Register for your workshop
  2. Complete a brief introductory video series
  3. Select a candidate project and examine how entrepreneurial mindset applies
  4. Attend your chosen workshop
  5. Develop, deploy, and assess project work over a span of up to one year with one-on-one coaching and consulting
  6. Share results with the Engineering Unleashed community 
Additionally, competitive funding opportunities are available to those who successfully complete a faculty development program. 

Through participation in ICE, participants will be able to:

  • Identify opportunities for EML integration into existing coursework
  • Develop a personal approach to integrating EML within their course design process
  • Implement continual improvement of their own EML practice (i.e., mechanisms, procedures, tools, frameworks)
  • Publish and/or present the results of the implementation Connect (and collaborate) into the wider Engineering Unleashed in meaningful ways beyond ICE
  • Promote EML to others

Participants that complete the ICE professional development experience will:

  • Modify an existing course to include an entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) component
  • Implement the modification in the classroom and assess the impact of the implementation
  • Appraise the implementation and determine means for improving upon subsequent use
  • Publish and/or present the results of the implementation 
  • Identify and connect with individuals that can further improve or collaborate with the participant on teaching and EML activities

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