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National Academy of Sciences Building
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EML and Research
This event is from November 18 - 21, 2019

Driven by innate curiosity, opportunity identification, and an individual’s desire to create lasting impact, research activities are intrinsically entrepreneurial. Through undergraduate research programs and other means, institutions and faculty leaders have long recognized the educational potential of exposing undergraduate engineering students to disciplinary research. The goal of all faculty development offerings within this track is to become more intentional about the development of an entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students that are exposed to disciplinary research. This track is under development and an associated pilot workshop is in the works.

How to participate in Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development:

  1. Register for your workshop
  2. Complete pre-work through a short video introduction and brief exchanges with facilitators and other participants (pre-work opens in late April)
  3. Select a candidate project and examine how entrepreneurial mindset applies
  4. Attend your chosen workshop
  5. Develop, deploy, and assess project work over a span of up to one year with one-on-one coaching and consulting
  6. Share results with the Engineering Unleashed community Additionally, competitive funding opportunities are available to those who successfully complete a faculty development program.

Additionally, competitive funding opportunities are available to those who successfully complete a faculty development program.

Through the workshop, participants will:

  • Examine how an entrepreneurial mindset is vital to their own research activities
  • Investigate how directed research activities can be used to foster an entrepreneurial mindset, both their own and their graduates
  • Learn a variety of techniques for integrating disciplinary research in educational activities, both formally and informally, as well as curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular
  • Examine how they might take advantage of their institution’s structures and programs 

The deliverables of the program are to:

  • Carry out a research activity with students at their home institution that leverages methods based on the KEEN Framework, i.e. one which emphasizes opportunity and the speculates upon the impact
  • Assess and reflect on the effectiveness of the activity
  • Create a network of support as a community of practice, leveraging the program’s KEEN subnet
  • Report out and share their experiences and lessons learned with workshop peers
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