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General Card #1070
ASEE Best Card Winners
Updated: 1/16/2023 10:12 AM by Becky Benishek
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This card will link to the winning cards from each year's peer-reviewed ASEE Best Card Competition.
Each card displayed a thorough development of EM concepts and great mission alignment within their respective subjects and industries and included high quality descriptions and resources, many of which include not only presentations and instructor notes but rubrics, activities, and student artifacts.
Learning Objectives
To inspire lessons and future ASEE papers, posters, and presentations with this collection.
  • Demonstrate constant curiosity about our changing world
  • Explore a contrarian view of accepted solution
  • Integrate information from many sources to gain insight
  • Assess and manage risk
Creating Value
  • Identify unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value
  • Persist through and learn from failure
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