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Creating Value Means Going Beyond Problem Solving
Updated: 9/8/2021 10:31 AM by Becky Benishek
Value is a relative concept and is illustrated through selection or choice.
The increasing complexity of the challenges facing our society and world suggests that engineering graduates must be outstanding problem solvers, designers, and value creators in a variety of settings. The solutions, designs, and systems created must solve technical problems and provide benefit to a variety of stakeholders who may have broad interests in financial, social, and environmental outcomes.

Engineering education often focuses on the quantitative skills of problem solving yet solutions to many of the most challenging problems require higher level design, entrepreneurial mindset, and value creation skills. The opportunity to create value, or to fail to, occurs in many settings with engineers commonly called upon to create value in design settings. While being a good designer is a hallmark trait of an engineer, current approaches to teaching design need improvement because a high percentage of products and services introduced to the marketplace fail to find success. An engineering education with emphasis on employing an entrepreneurial mindset would improve the odds of success.

Applying methods from systems engineering, this work extends the idea of developing a product to developing a successful solution within a system. That system includes stakeholders, features, and a series of views representing the designed system or product. It is shown that these results are highly complementary to existing conceptions of ‘creating value’ as part of the 3 C’s. Tools and views are presented for classroom use to support the 'creating value' objective through case studies of successful and unsuccessful products. Results from a first run of a class exploring these new approaches are provided in a 2018 ASEE paper.

The elements of a ‘value creation’ mindset in an engineering education entrepreneurial context includes:

1. Value is a relative concept and is illustrated through selection or choice.
2. Creating and capturing value at the enterprise or organizational level can be illustrated in the completeness and alignment of product, business, and execution models. (customer desirability, technically feasible, business viability, organizationally implementable)
3. The value of a product or offering can be studied by a. identifying important stakeholders and features and b. developing a product or offering to perform and exhibit the important features identified.
4. Products and systems are successful when they provide capabilities and characteristics that a significant number of stakeholders find attractive and choose over competing options.

Learning Objectives
A brief list of learning objectives for the course developed are listed below.
1. Describe various aspects of value provided by engineered systems.
2. Describe the importance of stakeholders and features in defining value in design.
3. Describe fundamental concepts and steps in product design and realization.
4. Describe key items of information needed to describe behavior, structure, design, and value in a system.
5. Develop three models or canvases that impact the achievement of a successful product or system.
6. Develop basic systems views, explore multiple candidate solutions, and select a recommended solution that provides value to stakeholders.
7. Apply views to develop design proposals for new products and to diagnose case studies.
Instructor Tips
The concept of 'creating value' (products or solutions that find success with stakeholders) - or failing to - can be illustrated through case examples. Why have Keurig coffee machines been successful while the Keurig Kold, which was very similar in concept, was not?

Several case examples of successful and unsuccessful products and systems are provided. A table summary of the cases is provided below. Please provide feedback on your experiences with using these concepts and materials.
  • Demonstrate constant curiosity about our changing world
  • Integrate information from many sources to gain insight
Creating Value
  • Identify unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value
  • Create Model or Prototype
  • Identify Opportunity
  • Evaluate Tech Feasibility, Customer Value, Societal Benefits & Economic Viability
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Bill Schindel, president of ICTT System Sciences, has inspired the systems connections and has been a collaborator in this work.
The instructor notes provide a brief introduction to the materials provided in this card. The table summarizes the cases provided with notes on each one.

This presentation is from a workshop at St. Louis University in 2018.

The workbook is from a workshop that has been offered several times at Rose-Hulman. Ella Ingram is co-author on the workbook.

Two blank tables are provided for the stakeholder/features and features/designs views.
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Instructor Notes Introduction V1.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 7/8/2018 56.9 KB 897
Creating Value Table Summary of Case Studies.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 7/12/2018 47.9 KB 891
Creating Value SLU Jan2018.pdf Presentation .pdf 7/12/2018 196.9 KB 878
Creating_Value_Workbook.pdf Activity / Handout .pdf 7/12/2018 391 KB 921
MG335 Stakeholder Feature Table BLANK.pdf Activity / Handout .pdf 7/12/2018 35.1 KB 861
MG335 Features Designs Table BLANK.xlsx Activity / Handout .xlsx 7/12/2018 12.2 KB 870
The Keurig Kold was an unsuccessful cold drink dispensing machine. The materials here include news articles providing background and analysis on the case, a fictional project kickoff pitch, and completed stakeholder, feature, and design views.
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Instructor Notes Keuring Kold V1.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 7/10/2018 91.1 KB 808
Keurig Kold Video Clip Links.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 7/10/2018 47.9 KB 828
Keurig Discontinues Cold Drink Machine Features and Validation Example.pdf Case Study .pdf 7/10/2018 143.9 KB 823
Keurig at home soda machine doomed from start.pdf Case Study .pdf 7/10/2018 120.1 KB 773
Keurig cold drink maker was wildly complicated.pdf Case Study .pdf 7/10/2018 562.6 KB 802
The Pitch for the Keurig Kold WK Fiction.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 7/10/2018 51 KB 791
Features Value Table Keurig Kold V2.xlsx Instructor Notes .xlsx 7/10/2018 17.8 KB 763
Materials for LIF coming soon.
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Lucky Iron Fish Video Clip Link.pdf Instructor Notes .pdf 7/10/2018 48.8 KB 696
The Juicero venture is an example of a new technology and company that started with a great deal of optimism but did not find lasting success in the marketplace. These materials provide background information on the venture and encourage diagnosis of the product and business model factors that led to failure.
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Juicero Case Study Introduction and Questions V1.pdf Activity / Handout .pdf 12/21/2018 107.4 KB 931
These papers provide additional detail on the creating value topic as well as representing complex systems through a model based systems engineering approach.

These papers are provided for teaching, scholarship, and research use. Users should be mindful of copyrights when using these materials.
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ASEE_Beyond_Problem_Solving_to_Creating_Value_F2.pdf Other .pdf 7/6/2018 307.9 KB 783
ASEE2017-DevelopmentofEnhancedViewsE1.pdf Other .pdf 7/8/2018 214.6 KB 808
FIE 2017 1570340735 Page 1.pdf Other .pdf 7/8/2018 668.3 KB 793
SystemsForAllEng Final March 2016.pdf Other .pdf 7/8/2018 765.9 KB 796
These papers provide additional detail on the value, culture, systems, and other topics that may be useful for a more in depth study of this topic.

These papers are provided for teaching, scholarship, and research use. Users should be mindful of copyrights when using these materials.
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Myths About New Product Failure Castellion.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 73.7 KB 5557
Value Assessment Customer Satisfaction Day Crask 2000.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 574.5 KB 807
Consumer Values Product Benefits and Customer Value Lai.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 186.5 KB 1058
Integration of Culture into Product Design 114017125.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 522.9 KB 860
Culture Inspired Design Principles 1271-1b.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 380.1 KB 782
Defeating_Feature_Fatigue.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 788.5 KB 962
Which Features Increase Customer Retention MIT Sloan 58202.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 401.3 KB 843
Designing Products for Value.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 1.1 MB 851
Lifecycle Value Enduring Systems 35b80b7b8ce8fae801be7fa410f298e9077b.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 1002.9 KB 788
Explicating System Value NDIA 2015 Value and Decisions.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 634.3 KB 816
ODI JTBD Theory in Practice Ulwick ODI US8494894.pdf Other .pdf 7/9/2018 1.8 MB 894