Motivation and Mindset

Are you interested in an intervention to positively shift your students' motivations?

Could you use help motivating students engaged in courses involving entrepreneurially minded learning?

Workshop: Motivation and Mindset

Teaching and Learning

This workshop was a valuable experience that gave me insight into my students and human psychology.
- From a workshop survey

Motivation and Mindset is a workshop designed to help educators develop an understanding of student motivation in the classroom. 

Equipped with the theory, frameworks, and tools to describe and explain student motivational responses in your own course activities, you will design an intervention to positively shift students' motivations. After the workshop, you will implement your intervention and measure students' motivational responses. 

Finally, in consultation with the workshop facilitators and coaches, you will reflect on the student motivational shifts you observed, and revise your intervention for continued improvement.

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Motivation & Mindset

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Your Workshop Journey

Faculty Development Journey


Motivation college student

You will: 

  • Understand different types of motivation
  • Understand how to quantitatively measure motivations
  • Explain students' motivational responses, based on course design, pedagogical, and classroom environmental variables
  • Design an intervention intended to positively shift the motivations of students engaged in any EML course activity

Key Deliverables

  • Create an EML course intervention and predict how it will impact student motivation
  • Measure and analyze how the EML intervention impacted student motivation
  • Reflect and revise the EML intervention for continual improvement

Motivated classroom

Examples of Workshop Content

Open Ended Design Course

Promote Autonomy in this Design Course

This free-choice, open-ended design project supports student autonomy! In a design team, students will apply the entrepreneurial mindset to create a customer focused design, including proposing a solution to address customer pain points under realistic constraints and system requirements.
SIMS: A tool for increasing student curiosity

SIMS: A tool for increasing student curiosity

Use the Situational Motivation Scale (SIMS) tool to self-assess faculty motivation on an engineering task of your choice. Then use SIMS to assess and increase student intrinsic motivation and self regulation on specific tasks.
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