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Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts are a group of 21 faculty across the nation who help make the community a thriving place. Connect with them in the forums or in a card discussion, and feel free to reach out with your questions and feedback.
Engineering Unleashed Community Catalyst Maria-Isabel

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali

Chair, Department of Engineering & Applied Science Education, University of New Haven

Maria-Isabel believes much of the learning students do takes place outside the classroom, from project work and service learning to clubs and activities on campus.
Engineering Unleashed Community Catalyst  Ajmal Khan

Ajmal Khan

Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University

Ajmal has incorporated EML into Electrical & Computer Engineering courses. His research successes include 26 refereed publications and published work in engineering education.
Engineering Unleashed Community Catalyst    Mike Rust

Mike Rust

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Western New England University

Mike looks to address complex challenges facing our world today and in the future. He helps train and work alongside the next generation of problem solvers.

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KEEN Leaders

KEEN Leaders are the people driving and leading their school's KEEN initiative on campus. Meet three of our current KEEN Leaders, and get inspired by their innovative and transformative work!
Engineering Unleashed KEEN Leader   Jenna Carpenter

Jenna Carpenter

Dean and Professor, Campbell University

Jenna is passionate about innovative engineering curricula. She drives a hands-on, project-based approach to engineering education that encourages collaboration & professional service.
Engineering Unleashed KEEN Leader    Ken Bloemer

Ken Bloemer

Director of the Visioneering Center, University of Dayton

Ken Bloemer and his team transform engineering education through advanced pedagogies and entrepreneurially minded learning. He also conducts innovation workshops.
 Engineering Unleashed KEEN Leader    Khanjan Mehta

Khanjan Mehta

Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry, Lehigh University

Khanjan champions the creation of learning environments and ecosystems where students, faculty, and external partners come together to effect constructive and sustainable change.

KEEN Rising Stars

Each year, the Engineering Unleashed community nominates faculty who have gone above and beyond to help instill an entrepreneurial mindset in everyone they encounter. Three will go on to receive the KEEN Rising Star award for their institutions. Meet the 2020 Rising Stars:
Engineering Unleashed Rising Star Cristi Bell-Huff

Cristi Bell-Huff

Lecturer, Georgia Institute of Technology

Cristi received the top award for the 2020 KEEN Rising Star. She has helped countless engineering students acquire entrepreneurially minded skills which they can use for the rest of their lives.
Engineering Unleashed Rising Star Cheryl Bodnar

Cheryl Bodnar

Associate Professor, Rowan University

Cheryl is a 2020 KEEN Rising Star. She helps faculty create unique experiential and entrepreneurial learning opportunities throughout the clinic-based engineering curriculum.
Engineering Unleashed Rising Star Blake Hylton

Blake Hylton

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Coordinator, First Year Engineering Experience, Ohio Northern University

Blake is a 2020 KEEN Rising Star. He helps students look beyond easy answers, persist through false starts and failures, and make connections across multiple disciplines.

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Engineering Unleashed 2020 Fellows

Twenty-nine faculty members from twenty-four institutions of higher education across the U.S. have been named the Engineering Unleashed 2020 Fellows. Meet three of the recipients who have participated in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development Program and are recognized for their contribution to entrepreneurial engineering:
Julie Vernon

Julie Vernon

Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Vanderbilt University

Julie works in the field of STEM educational research. Areas of focus include student retention and implementation of innovative pedagogy and technology.
Ken Van Treuren

Kenneth Van Treuren

Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development, and Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University

After serving as USAF pilot in KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft, Ken completed his D.Phil. in Engineering from Oxford University, UK. Ken has also served as a Community Catalyst.
Deeksha Seth

Deeksha Seth

Assistant Teaching Professor, Villanova University

Deeksha develops interactive robots that can teach integrated biology and engineering principles to K-12 students in classrooms and museums.

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KEEN+ Ambassadors

KEEN+ Ambassadors are members of KEEN Partner institutions who hold leadership roles in their professional societies at the regional or national level. They will serve as liaisons to their professional societies and promote the entrepreneurial mindset and KEEN to society members.
Jean Andino

Jean Andino

Associate Professor, Arizona State University

Jean's goal is to help to train and inspire the next generation of innovators. Professional Societies: SHPE, ACS, AIChE, AWMA.
Glenn Gaudette

Glenn Gaudette

Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Glenn's research aims to develop a treatment for heart and CV diseases. Professional Societies: AIMBE, NAI, BMES.
Bill Schell

Bill Schell

Associate Professor, Montana State University

Bill finds ways to make engineers better leaders and organizations better at change. Professional Societies: ASEM, ASEE, IISE, CEEA, AAEE.

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ASEE Best Card Competition Winners

The American Society for Engineering Education's (ASEE) Best Card Competition runs in tandem with ASEE's Annual Conference. Presenters are eligible to enter the competition by submitting their materials on an Engineering Unleashed card, where a peer review process designates the winners. View the winning cards and connect with their authors!
Stephanie Gillespie

Stephanie Gillespie

Associate Dean, University of New Haven

Stephanie took first place for: "Prototyping via Makerspace Training in First-Year-Engineering," redesigning a course to add the benefits of learning in the makerspace.
Chao Wang

Chao Wang

Senior Lecturer, Arizona State University

Chao took second place for: "An Open Ended Design Project Promoting Autonomy in an Introduction to Engineering Course," supporting free choice and student autonomy.
Cheryl Bodnar & Elise Barrella

Cheryl Bodnar & Elise Barrella

Assistant Professor, Rowan University & CEO and Founder, DfX Consulting LLC

Cheryl and Elise took third place for: "'Master' Entrepreneurial Mindset Concept Map," providing the Who, What, Why, and How for engineering education.

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