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Community Catalysts

Community Catalysts are a group of 21 faculty across the nation who help make the community a thriving place. Connect with them in the forums or in a card discussion, and feel free to reach out with your questions and feedback.
Engineering Unleashed Community Catalyst Maria-Isabel

Maria-Isabel Carnasciali

Chair, Department of Engineering & Applied Science Education, University of New Haven

Maria-Isabel believes much of the learning students do takes place outside the classroom, from project work and service learning to clubs and activities on campus.
Engineering Unleashed Community Catalyst  Ajmal Khan

Ajmal Khan

Assistant Professor, Ohio Northern University

Ajmal has incorporated EML into Electrical & Computer Engineering courses. His research successes include 26 refereed publications and published work in engineering education.
Engineering Unleashed Community Catalyst    Mike Rust

Mike Rust

Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Western New England University

Mike looks to address complex challenges facing our world today and in the future. He helps train and work alongside the next generation of problem solvers.

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KEEN Leaders

KEEN Leaders are the people driving and leading their school's KEEN initiative on campus. Meet three of our current KEEN Leaders, and get inspired by their innovative and transformative work!
Engineering Unleashed KEEN Leader   Jenna Carpenter

Jenna Carpenter

Dean and Professor, Campbell University

Jenna is passionate about innovative engineering curricula. She drives a hands-on, project-based approach to engineering education that encourages collaboration & professional service.
Engineering Unleashed KEEN Leader    Ken Bloemer

Ken Bloemer

Director of the Visioneering Center, University of Dayton

Ken Bloemer and his team transform engineering education through advanced pedagogies and entrepreneurially minded learning. He also conducts innovation workshops.
 Engineering Unleashed KEEN Leader    Khanjan Mehta

Khanjan Mehta

Vice Provost for Creative Inquiry, Lehigh University

Khanjan champions the creation of learning environments and ecosystems where students, faculty, and external partners come together to effect constructive and sustainable change.

KEEN Rising Stars

Each year, the Engineering Unleashed community nominates faculty who have gone above and beyond to help instill an entrepreneurial mindset in everyone they encounter. Three will go on to receive the KEEN Rising Star award. Meet the 2019 Rising Stars:
Engineering Unleashed Rising Star    Amy Trowbridge

Amy Trowbridge

Senior Lecturer and Director, Grand Challenge Scholars Program, Arizona State University

Amy received the top award for the 2019 KEEN Rising Star. She embraces curricular and co-curricular experiences that broaden students’ perspectives and enhance student learning.
Engineering Unleashed Rising Star    Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

Sarah Wodin-Schwartz

Assistant Teaching Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sarah is a 2019 KEEN Rising Star. She helps students understand both the technical skills required of them and social, environmental, and physical implications.
Engineering Unleashed Rising Star     Justin Henriques

Justin Henriques

Associate Professor, James Madison University

Justin Henriques is a 2019 KEEN Rising Star. He encourages students to think creatively and engage the world around them through curricular and co-curricular experiences.

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