The Fellows


Please join us in congratulating the 2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows!

The 2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows are the inaugural cohort of twenty-nine faculty members from twenty-four institutions of higher education across the U.S., following a peer-selection process where they were recognized for their contribution to entrepreneurial engineering education.

These faculty members participated in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development (EUFD) National Workshop program, creating resources that will help them and intercollegiate colleagues advance the community's mission to integrate entrepreneurial mindset into practices that benefit their students, their institutions, and greater society.

To amplify the work of these fellows and advance the shared mission, awards are provided to the awardee’s home institutions through the Kern Family Foundation. In total, the colleges received $290,000 in support to recognize the excellent efforts in engineering education by their faculty.

Meet the 2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows

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2020 Row 1 Fellows

Chandana Tamma, Adjunct Assistant Professor, Marquette University 

Chandana loves trying new things in the classroom to increase engagement and strives to make learning a positive experience for everyone. 

Chao Wang, Senior Lecturer, Arizona State University

Chao is excited about bringing real-world examples and latest technological advances into classroom to equip students with skills they find useful in their future career. 

Chris Sharp, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering, George Fox University

Chris enjoys pursuing character development, engineer identity, and creativity discovery with a design focus. He finds it fascinating when varying disciplines come together. Chris has also served as a Community Catalyst.

Cindi Mason, Assistant Teaching Professor, Wichita State University

Cindi teaches courses in Engineering Probability and Statistics and Senior Design. She also focuses on recruitment and retention as the Undergraduate Coordinator for the department.

Daniel Castaneda, Assistant Professor, James Madison University

Daniel incorporates pedagogical practices to help students become culturally competent and critically conscious of normative engineering practices.

Deborah Besser, Civil Engineering, Chair, University of St. Thomas

Deborah is the director of the Center for Engineering Education. Prior to teaching, she was a design engineer with HNTB-CA.

2020 Row 2 Fellows

Deeksha Seth, Assistant Teaching Professor, Villanova University

Deeksha develops interactive robots that can teach integrated biology and engineering principles to K-12 students in classrooms and museums.

Devina Jaiswal, Assistant Professor, Western New England University

Devina researches fabrication of micro-electronic devices to understand biological patterns and apply them to the field of tissue engineering.

Durward Sobek, Professor, Montana State University

Durward is a Professor and Program Coordinator of Industrial and Management Systems Engineering.

Erin Henslee, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

Erin is interested in developing curriculum that sustainably meets the changing needs of the engineering profession and student. Erin has also served as a Community Catalyst.

Eryn Hassemer, Associate Professor, Milwaukee School of Engineering

Eryn loves teaching bio-based courses and getting students to think outside the box and apply this knowledge to real-world situations.

Jacquelyn Nagel, Associate Professor, James Madison University

Jacquelyn has been recognized as one of the New Faces of Engineering for her pioneering work in bio-inspired design.

2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows

James Mynderse, Associate Professor, Lawrence Technological University

James serves as the faculty advisor for the Lawrence Tech Baja SAE team. His courses include active and collaborative learning and problem-based learning modules.

Jonathan Torres, Assistant Professor, Bucknell University

Jonathan implements projects-based learning in his design and manufacturing courses, preparing his students to be innovative designers and makers.

Julia Armstrong, Coordinator, Software Engineering Capstones & Director, OHI/O Informal Learning Program, The Ohio State University

Julia combines engineering, public teaching of gifted education, and industry experience to bridge the gap between curricular education and skills of the working professional.

Julie Vernon, Assistant Dean of Academic Programs, Vanderbilt University

Julie works in the field of STEM educational research. Areas of focus include student retention and implementation of innovative pedagogy and technology.

Katie Russell, Professor of Practice, Tulane University

Katie is an enthusiastic early-career faculty member. Her passion is implementing engaging pedagogy including problem-based and active learning. Katie has also served as a Community Catalyst.

Kenneth Van Treuren, Associate Dean of Research and Faculty Development, and Professor, Mechanical Engineering, Baylor University

After serving as USAF pilot in KC-135 and KC-10 aircraft, Ken completed his D.Phil. in Engineering from Oxford University, UK. He loves to learn! Ken has also served as a Community Catalyst.

2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows

Kimberly Demoret, Assistant Professor, Florida Institute of Technology

Kimberly's current research interests include engineering education, student motivation and retention, and the psychology of student teams.

Kurt Paterson, Department Head and Professor, James Madison University

Kurt Paterson crafts learning experiences, spaces, and communities to help students of all kinds imagine, design, and build solutions that matter.

Lauren Lowman, Assistant Professor, Wake Forest University

Lauren’s teaching is particularly focused on bridging the gap between engineering and liberal arts to encourage students to see the broader societal implications of engineering.

Melissa Gibbons, Assistant Professor, University of San Diego

Besides computational biomechanics, Melissa's research interests range from the nanoscale (mechanics of viral capsids) to the macroscale (mechanics of lung and brain tissue).

Michele Miller, Associate Dean, Campbell University

Michele has made contributions to the diverse fields of precision machining, micro-electromechanical systems, and engineering education.

Nicole Ralston, Associate Professor, University of Portland

An elementary school teacher at heart, Nicole now teaches educational research and STEM methods courses to undergraduate and graduate students, and is co-director of MCPER.

2020 Engineering Unleashed Fellows

Patricia Cyr, Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology

Patricia is on a mission to take away the stigma of learning statistics as a frightening activity! She incorporates active learning and the Problem Solving Studio.

Robert Weaver, Associate Professor of Ocean Engineering, Florida Institute of Technology

Robert is AAUS and NAUI DiveMaster Certified and built a research program focused on coastal eco-engineering and circulation.

Sarah Wodin-Schwartz, Assistant Teaching Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Sarah helps students understand both the technical skills required of them and social, environmental, and physical implications.

Stephanie Gillespie, Lecturer, University of New Haven.

Stephanie focuses on leading multiple first-year engineering courses as well as facilitating integration of the new maker space into faculty curriculum. She has experience in K-12 outreach. Stephanie has also served as a Community Catalyst.

Youngbok (Abraham) Kang, Assistant Professor, George Fox University

Youngbok (Abraham) is interested in research, mentoring, and teaching including Biomechanics, Biotransport, Biomaterials, Biosignal analysis, and Tissue engineering.