The Fellows


Please join us in congratulating the 2022 Engineering Unleashed Fellows!


The 2022 Engineering Unleashed Fellows are a cohort of twenty-one faculty members from sixteen institutions of higher education across the U.S., following a peer-selection process where they were recognized for their contribution to entrepreneurial engineering education.

These faculty members participated in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development (EUFD) National Workshop program, creating resources that will help them and intercollegiate colleagues advance the community's mission to integrate entrepreneurial mindset into practices that benefit their students, their institutions, and greater society.

To amplify the work of these fellows and advance the shared mission, awards are provided to the awardee’s home institutions through the Kern Family Foundation. Each Fellow is an ambassador for entrepreneurial mindset and will work on a project through their institution with a grant award of $10,000. In total, the colleges received $210,000 in support to recognize the excellent efforts in engineering education by their faculty.

Meet the 2022 Engineering Unleashed Fellows

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Blake Hylton

Blake Hylton, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering; Coordinator, First Year Engineering Experience, Ohio Northern University

Blake’s propensity to launch himself into an opportunity that has the potential to benefit many stakeholders is in the true spirit of having an entrepreneurial mindset. His ability to contribute ideas as well as his capacity to share his reflections in terms of lessons learned demonstrates his capability to lead with humility.
Cynthia Tawaf

Cynthia Tawaf, Visiting Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology

Cindy has used Curiosity in her statics course to encourage students to make connections in the real world. She first introduces the concept of curiosity in a simple activity, then later in the course asks the students to find an example in the world around them of one of the statics concepts. She has them build an assignment around their own example - which gives students agency.
Danny Xiao

Danny Xiao, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Danny is working on integrating EM into his own courses as well as building out faculty development for several of his colleagues.
Donna Ebenstein

Donna Ebenstein, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Bucknell University

Donna was actively engaged in both the workshop and follow-on coaching. She contributed great ideas and was a leader in her group. She has talked about how the course activity may continue to evolve.
Gbetonmasse Somasse

Gbetonmasse Somasse, Associate Professor of Teaching, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Gbetonmasse presents students with an open-ended problem where they are asked to explore the given situation through the lens of Mankiw's Ten Principles of Economics. Considering the 3C's of EML, this activity is fundamental to having students understand what creating value means beyond dollars and cents.
Glenn Walters

Glenn Walters, Professor of the Practice, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Glenn's project exemplifies the EML mindset by increasing curiosity and having students making connections to approach the problem. This activity will leave a lasting impression on students for expanded thinking when working on other problems.
Haolin Zhu

Haolin Zhu, Senior Lecturer, Arizona State University

Haolin's project is a compelling first year introductory design exercise that captures student interest while incorporating a great deal of prototyping.
Heather Kirkvold

Heather Kirkvold, Associate Professor, James Madison University

Heather wants to expand compliant mechanism design more fully within the curriculum!
Jennifer Bailey

Jennifer Bailey, Senior Lecturer, Rochester Institute of Technology

Jen thoughtfully applied the lessons of the Leadership Unleashed workshop to make changes in her department, and is interested in pursuing the process she developed as well as sharing it with others.
Joshua Gargac

Joshua Gargac, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Ohio Northern University

Joshua applied a creative use of methods (e.g. photo journaling and concept maps) and captured the 3Cs in his project.
Justin Baba

Justin Baba, Research Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University

Justin has incorporated EML into his Career Options course. He used a jigsaw approach to engage student discovery of career path options then engages speakers in the various career options. An initial student reflection on career choice is compared to their final reflection to give the student insight into their growth and understanding of the major. This can be adapted to any major field.
Katherine Saul

Katherine Saul, Professor, North Carolina State University at Raleigh

Katherine applied her workshop experience to reach her goal with a clear and well-constructed card. She plans to continue her project at her institution.
Kim Bigelow

Kim Bigelow, Professor; Graduate Program Director, University of Dayton

Kim's project and associated card integrated EM and the 3Cs into an undergraduate research experience. She developed an interesting and effective for the structure of the experience by leveraging her course management system to guide students through activities truly targeting the 3Cs. This approach could be widely applied by others.
Michael De Gregorio

Michael De Gregorio, Mechanical Engineering Chair, Grand Canyon University

Mike's card is a creative and interactive Problem-Solving Studio application that helps students improve their ability to diagram systems. The topic has broad applicability across engineering disciplines, combines a simulation and hands-on components and was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback. The exercise was also implemented in a colleague's course with similar results, demonstrating the strength of the exercise design.
Miles Canino

Miles Canino, Assistant Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Miles's project really captures the elements of opportunity recognition and value creation in its implementation. Mechatronics is also a course that many mechanical engineering students take, but may not feel a strong affinity for. This project goes a long way toward making this subject more engaging for students.
Namita Shrestha

Namita Shrestha, Assistant Professor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Namita is highly motivated to integrate multiple entrepreneurial mindset ideas into her courses! She's interested in continuing this work and sharing it in multiple forums.
Rachel Penton

Rachel Penton, Teaching Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Rachel really changed the learning and enthusiasm and mindset of students with her project! She is working on building it out to additional audiences.
Trevor Fleck

Trevor Fleck, Assistant Professor, Baylor University

Trevor created a unique module that connects EML to an upper level course. This work could be easily be extended to capstone and senior design.
Vedang Chauhan

Vedang Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Western New England University

Vedang has created a well-crafted project with lots of resources to plug into courses.
Wei Wei

Wei Wei, Assistant Professor, Wichita State University

Wei has critically looked at ways to incorporate EML into her multidisciplinary research program.
Yan Shi

Yan Shi, Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin - Platteville

Yan has multiple ideas for EM-infused modules, including integrating the entrepreneurial mindset and agile processes into software-focused courses.