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The Problem-Solving Studio (PSS)

Are you interested in an interactive learning environment that turbocharges student learning and engagement? 

How about promoting fearlessness in the face of the unknown so your graduates recognize their own power to confidently approach and solve any problem?

Workshop: The Problem-Solving Studio (PSS)

I really enjoyed this workshop. I learned a lot about different pedagogical approaches and built a sense of community with my other attendees. This was a worthwhile and enjoyable experience!
- From a workshop survey
Problem-Solving Studio
Problem-Solving Studio
Problem-Solving Studio

Learn how to enact the Problem-Solving Studio: An interactive learning environment that turbocharges student learning and engagement! 

You'll employ pedagogical methods that rely upon collaborative teamwork and promote the value of applying theory and knowledge to real world problems – especially for complex problems that are inherently ambiguous. The primary goal is to promote fearlessness in the face of the unknown. Why? So graduates recognize their own power to use their skills and knowledge to confidently approach and solve any problem.

Event Information

Problem Solving Studio

Dates: May 25-27, 2021

Location: Virtual 

Cost: $1500.00

Cancellation Policy: If a participant cancels within 30 days of a workshop, the Kern Family Foundation may invoice the institution for a $150 cancelation fee to cover materials and other unrecoverable costs.

Your Workshop Journey

FacDev Journey


Problem Solving Studio

You'll be empowered to: 

  • Design and lead interactive learning environments that promote deep learning and foster students’ entrepreneurial mindset 
  • Create complex multifaceted adaptive problems that are critical to successful implementation 
  • Teach adaptively in real-time to capitalize on your students’ diverse ways of thinking 
  • Critically reflect on your own teaching 
  • Value and integrate the entrepreneurial mindset within your course content 

Key Deliverables

  • Design a problem-solving studio session at the workshop 
  • Carry out a problem-solving studio session at your home institution 
  • Assess and reflect on the effectiveness of your problem-solving studio session 
  • Create a network of support as a community of practice, leveraging the KEEN subnet 
  • Report out and share your experiences and lessons learned with your workshop peers
Problem Solving Studio

Examples of Workshop Content

Hidden Figures

The Hidden Figures Problem Solving Studio

Introduce students to numerical methods/computational modeling! Emphasize the importance of using computers to solve complex real-world problems through this engaging, student-driven exercise.

Help a Small Furniture Manufacturer Grow

Students are introduced to the company, its owner, and the problem he faces: He wants to grow the company by 25% over the next three years, but feels that he has run out of room in his current factory! Students apply Systematic Layout Planning (SLP) to solve the problem.
Data Climate Change

Do the Data Support Climate Change?

Support curiosity about climate change and help students make the connection between a question and the method to use data to obtain an answer! Compare and contrast the impacts of analyzing data as independent population or as correlated pairs.