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Faculty-Industry Relationship (FIRe)

The Engineering Unleashed Fellowship is comprised of faculty who were selected by their peers for their contribution to entrepreneurial engineering education. The activities and resources below are from faculty who participated in the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development National Workshop Program, specifically in the Faculty-Industry Relationship (FIRe) workshop. This workshop helps build individual relationships with industry partners that create numerous advantages and opportunities.

Faculty-Industry Relationship (FIRe)

Industry Contact Database

Industry Contact Database, by Cindi Mason

The database will serve as a source for seeking industry-based projects, identifying research partners, finding opportunities for internships, seeking industry professional panelists or guest speakers for courses, seeking mentors for students, reaching out for opportunities for tours, and recognizing a "Highlighted Alumni of the Month" at the college or department level.
Industry-Academia Partnership Landscape

Industry-Academia Partnership Landscape, by Jacquelyn Nagel and Kurt Paterson

Industry-Academia Partnerships are vital to both parties, yet rarely are the partnerships planned, tracked, and evaluated. This card shares an infrastructure and landscape analysis framework that can help departments/colleges identify and deliver mutual benefits through new and existing partnerships.
Circuits for Software Engineers

Circuits for Software Engineers: Applied Learning of Abstract EE Material, by Julia Armstrong

Students studying computer science, mechanical, biomedical and other disciplines have a different need for understanding analog circuits as taught by electrical engineering. This card will be the creation of a toolkit, to be used in total or in part, for a new way for students in other disciplines to learn about, think about, and work with analog circuits.
Creating Connections Through Service-Learning Design Projects

Creating Connections Through Service-Learning Design Projects, by Katie Russell

This card outlines the development of a design + service-learning component added to the chemical engineering curriculum at Tulane University. The example is of a partnership with Audubon Aquarium in New Orleans. First, a full semester design project was implemented within a first-year introduction course. The following year, the service-learning experience was expanded to include a series of entrepreneurial mindset-related reflections, additional community partners, and multi-level student teams.