How do I Collaborate with Members?

Join the Forum Discussions

How do I reply in the forums

Exchange ideas on teaching the entrepreneurial mindset, get help with challenges, help other faculty with lesson plans and instructor tips, find research partners and more in the forums! 

Located in the Collaborate menu, forums contain a variety of topics, announcements, and content.

Here are some ways to contribute and engage:

  • Click the Like button under a post to show agreement or appreciation.
  • Click the Reply button to join the discussion.  
  • Click the "New Subject/Topic" button to start a post with your own ideas and information.
  • @-mention other members and #-mention cards to share right in your post or reply

Join a Faculty Development workshop

The Engineering Unleashed community sponsors a range of faculty development opportunities. They are designed to increase your impact as a member of the engineering faculty community. Models of impact include teaching, research, and service. 

The entrepreneurial mindset is a central theme within all workshop paths. These workshops leverage expert facilitation and coaching and invite participants from across the country.

Find the type of faculty development path that will help you reach your goals this year! 

How do I get to FacDev

Join a Group

How do I join group

Located in the Collaborate menu, Engineering Unleashed groups provide a workspace for you to connect and collaborate with faculty. 

Formerly known as “subnets,” groups can span a variety of shared interests and topics. Focus on your projects and goals, connect with professional societies and divisions, and grow relationships with other members, near and far.

Co-Author a Card

Located in the Collaborate menu, cards provide a place for you to describe and upload content about your class or project, and to find resources among the 1000s of cards other members have created. This content could include teaching goals, activities, student artifacts, videos, and other helpful practices. 

You can expand collaboration through cards by:

  • Inviting other members to co-author or edit a card with you. While you're in Edit mode on your card, you can add both Authors and Editors along the right side. 
  • Sharing cards you've created. Spark conversation and future collaboration by emailing individual members or sharing to your entire network. You can do this right from a card or from your dashboard
How do I share cards