How Do I

Create an Exemplar Card?

What is an Exemplar card?

An Exemplar card meets and exceeds requirements such as:   

  • The entrepreneurial mindset (EM) is explicitly integrated
  • "Who, Where, When, and What" implementation details are displayed
  • The idea is actionable and of interest to a broad audience
  • Research-based best practices in pedagogy--if appropriate for the content--are demonstrated

Review the basics of an Engineering Unleashed card here.

Exemplar Card Rubric

Exemplar Star

For a card to be considered Exemplar, it must be peer reviewed. A minimum of 3 reviewers, typically Community Catalysts, assess the card through the Exemplar Card Rubric

The rubric was created by the Community Catalysts in response to a highlighted need for “quality” card content. It provides a robust, in-depth look at key items the card should contain. 

You can use this rubric, too, to assess your card's potential for this next level:

Examples of Exemplar Cards

These cards were chosen via the Exemplar card peer review process.
Ethics, Climate Change, and Geoengineering

Ethics, Climate Change, and Geoengineering

Jonathan Spelman (Ohio Northern University)

You don't need to be an expert in ethics to teach this!

Adapt this activity to a wide range of engineering courses and improve the moral reasoning skills of your students.
Customer Discovery in a Capstone Course

Why Are We Making This?

Ryan Meuth (Arizona State University)

Customer discovery in a capstone course

Students discover the importance of having curiosity about the problem they're trying to solve while exploring the greater context of the customer's situation.
Board Game to Instill Entrepreneurial Mindset

The Journey to the Top: Board Game

Cheryl Bodnar (Rowan University) & Cory Hixson (Colorado Christian University)

Instill the entrepreneurial mindset in your first-years.

Teach EM concepts while students move through 4 stages of an entrepreneurial journey!

Find Exemplar Cards

Exemplar Card Landing

The Cards landing page is located beneath the Collaborate menu at the top. To find an Exemplar card:

  • Scroll to Browse Cards Now.
  • Click the Exemplar Cards link. 

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