How do I find content & members?

Focus Your Search

Searching for cards, members, topics, or some combination? Start by clicking the magnifying glass icon at the top to open up the search bar. 

As you type a name or phrase, you'll start receiving suggestions. You can select one of those suggestions and click the gold search bar to view more.

These tips will help you focus your search further:

  • Select one or more of the options below the search bar. You can search through Cards, Members, Groups, and Forums either singly or in a combination.
  • Use quotes. Putting quotes around your search term will return all content that contains that exact phrase. Example: "capstone project idea"
  • Use the plus sign. Putting a plus sign between the words in your phrase will return content that contains all the words (as opposed to just that exact phrase). Example: capstone + project + idea

The Collaborate menu in the top navigation bar gives you other ways to find content, members, and other resources across the community. 

  • Cards - Explore 1000s of resources for entrepreneurially minded learning.
  • Forums - Exchange ideas on teaching the entrepreneurial mindset, get help with challenges, find research partners and more.
  • Groups - Use these focused workspaces to drive ideas to solutions.
  • Mentorship - Are you looking for help with the entrepreneurial mindset?
  • Member Highlights - Meet some of our star members!
  • Resources - Webinars, videos, & more.
  • Contact Us - We're just an email away!