How do I Learn about EM?

What is the Entrepreneurial Mindset (EM)?

An entrepreneurial mindset (EM) is a collection of mental habits. These include an attentiveness toward opportunities and a focus on their impact, all with the intention of creating value. EM equips people to identify opportunities and create value in any context. This learned behavior is a way of thinking about the world and acting upon what you see. 

EM consists of three key elements: Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value. These are the 3C’s of entrepreneurial mindset.

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Understand the broader world. Look toward the future. Explore multiple perspectives.

Today’s solutions are often obsolete tomorrow. Students must be empowered to investigate a rapidly changing world with an insatiable curiosity.


Think outside the box. Place old ideas in new contexts. Gain insights.

Discoveries alone are not enough. Students must habitually pursue knowledge and integrate it with their own discoveries to reveal innovative solutions.
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Creating Value

Seek opportunities. Understand stakeholders. Have a positive impact.

Innovative solutions are most meaningful when they create extraordinary value for others. Students must be champions of value creation.

Learn More in a Faculty Development Workshop

Our faculty development program delivers actionable, adaptable strategies and resources that empower you to create long-lasting value with the entrepreneurial mindset. You’ll receive expert facilitation and guidance in your workshop while collaborating with faculty from across the nation. 

Over the span of a year, you'll then work to bring a project to life on your campus with input and guidance from coaches and fellow participants. Let's get started!

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