How Do I

Use & Collaborate in Groups?

Engineering Unleashed groups provide a focused workspace for you to connect and collaborate with faculty. Groups can form around a variety of shared interests and goals, and span many topics and discussions to help drive ideas and concepts to solutions and finished products.

Find a Group

Groups Landing Page

The Groups landing page is located beneath the Collaborate menu at the top. Browse to find groups such as:

Looking for something in particular? Click Search for the main search page to put in your own criteria.

Create a Group

Didn't find a group that fit your needs? You can create one! 

Before you click the Create button on the Group landing page, please view these tips and strategies.

Minimum Viable Community Canvas

Step 1: The Minimum Viable Community Canvas

This template from helps you think about what you want to do with the group, how to create value for group members, what defines success for your purposes, and more.

And once you fill it out, you can post it in the group or send it to potential members.

Create a Group

Step 2: Group Creation

Click the Create Group button at the top of the Groups landing page. You'll then be asked to fill in at least: 

  • Title 
  • Introduction (keep this brief - this appears below the group banner) 
  • Mission & Goals 


  • Upload a group banner image or choose from the stock images on the site
  • Choose at least one other person to join you as a group manager
  • Pick at least one Engineering Discipline 
  • Decide the approval level of your group
  • Click Submit! The Community Managers will review your request.

You'll be able to fill in the rest of the fields and refine the ones you've already filled out at any time.

Group Management

Step 3: Group Management

Once your group is approved, you are now able to manage it. Click Manage on your group's landing page to access the settings.

Related Content

Things to Do in the Manage tab


  • Scroll down to Deliverables and set action items, links to resources, and more.
  • On the right rail, scroll to Related Items. Here you can associate published cards with your group. These will show up as "Related Content" on your group's landing page.


  • Accept requests to join your group, or remove members.