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The KEEN Podcast Project

Podcast_icon.pngJoin EM@Work - the KEEN Podcast Project!

KEEN partners have the opportunity to develop a process and a set of assets that will connect the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) to professional practice.

EM@Work is a new podcast project that aims to use this connection to build entrepreneurial mindset in students and faculty. 

This podcast series will assist: 

  1. Administrators and faculty who want to connect with local industry partners, friends, and potential supporters,
  2. Faculty wanting to bring lived experiences of industry professionals into the classroom, and 
  3. Students who want to learn from the wisdom of a diverse array of industry professionals.

You're invited to participate in a variety of ways. Scroll for details.

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Why Podcasts for Engineering Education?

“When they hear a story they find compelling, and they see themselves in those stories, we know that can provide a sense of belonging for the student." -Justin Henriques (James Madison University)

The goal

Create a library of podcasts with instructor tips for using them in technical classes or co-curriculars across the Network. This includes: 

  • Equipping engineering faculty to create podcasts themselves.
  • Equipping engineering faculty to help others on their campuses as they identify industry partners and alumni who have great EM stories to tell.

What kinds of courses will these be useful for?

Many applications within our courses and disciplines. We're only limited by our collective imaginations! 

Why should you engage?

Two reasons:

  1. This project provides another opportunity to connect with industry partners and alumni.
  2. Your students will benefit by understanding technical skills within the context of professional practice. 

Timeline: Now

Whichever reason is most compelling to you, we have a limited time to get this done. See how below!

How You Can Get Involved

There are three ways to be engaged.

  • Ambassador: Help identify compelling interview candidates.
    • Have an industry partner or former student you want to engage for your institution? This is a great opportunity to bring them closer. Help us connect with them and our team will do the work for you to create the podcast your programs can use. 
  • Experimenter: Use podcast episodes and accompanying learning materials in the classroom.
    • Offer to use a podcast within a class or co-curricular experience as an assignment, and generate feedback from your students. If it works, we can show you how to add that information to Engineering Unleashed so others can follow. If it doesn’t work, that’s valuable information to improve our podcasts or guide others in using them for maximum benefit. 
  • Fellow: Develop your own podcast through our summer podcasting sprint. 
    • Every KEEN partner can have someone trained on your campus to connect with industry partners and engineering alumni as a podcaster, so you can create your own classroom assets for your engineering programs. Good material can be added to the KEEN partner library with information about classroom application. If you have a faculty member with the personality and interest to be your engineering program podcast expert, we can help equip them for success.

EM Podcast Engagement Interest Form

Project Team

The project was developed by Kurt Paterson and Justin Henriques (JMU). The co-creating group is comprised of Michelle Jarvie-Eggart (Michigan Tech), Reva Johnson (Valparaiso), Kaitlin Mallouk (Rowan), Katie Panciera (MSOE), Brent Sebold (ASU), Laura Shackelford (RIT), Tammy Rice-Bailey (MSOE), and Margot Vigeant (Bucknell).

Sharing Experiences From Entrepreneurially-Minded Professionals for Engineering Education

Presentation: Sharing Experiences From Entrepreneurially-Minded Professionals for Engineering Education

This session (originally presented at the 2022 KEEN National Conference) focuses on ways to bring industry voices into engineering education. Learn low cost, easy-to-scale ways to use interviewing in the classroom, and explore opportunities for finding excellent alumni connections from your home institution. Materials include a tool for finding compelling professionals from a diverse landscape of possibilities.