"Facilitating broader thinking across cultures and academic disciplines is essential in developing world-class STEM students who are prepared to enter a professional environment where there are no easy answers." 
-from A Message from 100 STEM Social Innovators

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 Social Innovators

100 STEM Social Innovators

Advice for professors and institutions

Get candid responses from innovators across the globe in this excerpt from Khanjan Mehta's book, "Solving Problems That Matter (And Getting Paid For It)."
Heath LeBlanc KEEN Leader Meeting

These Are My People

My journey toward KEEN

Heath LeBlanc (Ohio Northern University) reflects on how KEEN-related experiences and opportunities have had the highest impact on his development as a faculty member.

Avoid Being Stung: The Einstellung Effect

Design fixation inhibits creativity

Stu Walesh cautions us about only using approaches that have worked in the past rather than looking at each new situation on its own terms.

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Curious by Ian Leslie

How Ian Leslie’s “Curious” Can Transform Your Campus

“Curious” can be an excellent tool to use in a freshman orientation course to instill the awareness of how important curiosity is for lifelong learning and success.
EML Spine

The 3C's, Expanded Opportunities, and EML Spines

When you think about embedding the 3C's in curriculum, how do you maximize student impact? Check out the University of St. Thomas's use of the Kumu map--EML Spines--to draw connections between in-class, extracurricular, and cocurricular EML activities and their corresponding learning outcomes.

Connecting Industry and Students

How can you make sure your program serves stakeholders effectively and is relevant in the 21st century? Here's how to make students are adding concrete value and that employers understand the breadth and depth of that value.

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