Getting Started

With the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Selections made by staff at The Kern Family Foundation.

Have you been wondering how to apply, infuse, and adapt the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) within your classes and curriculum? Try these faculty-created resources from the Engineering Unleashed community. 

Makerspaces & Innovation Centers

Spark ideas for makerspaces, collaboration & learning spaces, and innovation programs! 

  • Try Bucknell University's BFAB for Faculty to prepare faculty to leverage these spaces in their curriculum.

  • Click the Cards link on Michael Caston's profile (University of Denver) to see his contributions to EM in innovation and product design.

  • Join the Makers and Makerspaces group to connect with others doing work around EM & making, and discover related content specific to makerspaces.

Engaging Students Beyond the Classroom

Motivating Students to Discover New Things

Failing Fast

Bringing EM Across Disciplines

Flexible Implementation

Turning the Core Engineering Experience into an Innovative Platform

Engaging Faculty

Multidisciplinary Teamwork