Getting Started: Entrepreneurial Mindset

Getting Started With the Entrepreneurial Mindset

Getting Started With the Entrepreneurial Mindset

by Jennifer Young, Program Director, The Kern Family Foundation

Have you been wondering how to apply, infuse, and adapt the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) within your classes and curriculum? I'm happy to share a few selections from the Engineering Unleashed community that you can adapt to multiple contexts. 

Note: Many of these links require you to create an account/log in to our online community. 

Makerspaces & Innovation Centers

Spark ideas for makerspaces, collaboration & learning spaces, and innovation programs! 

  • Bucknell University has done a lot of work in preparing faculty to leverage these spaces in their curriculum.
  • Try their BFAB for Faculty card for your faculty-facing content. 

  • Click the Cards link on Michael Caston's profile (University of Denver) to see his contributions to EM in innovation and product design.

  • Jim Brenner's CardDeck: EM Resources for Makers has collected entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) in making courses as well as incorporating making into non-maker-focused classes. 

  • Join the Makers and Makerspaces group to connect with others doing work around EM & making, and discover related content specific to makerspaces.

Engaging Students Beyond the Classroom

ASU mini TED talks

Motivating Students to Discover New Things

Question Formulation Technique

Failing Fast

Agile inspiration

Bringing EM Across Disciplines

panel discussion

Addressing the Individual

Ben Franklin

Explore this CardDeck collection on Self-Improvement, which may inspire some thoughts on addressing the individual.


  • Character and Ethics
  • On Being Wrong
  • Persistence
  • Learning from Failure
  • Empathy & Contrarian View
  • Reflection Portfolios and Storytelling
  • E-Learning
  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Project Management
  • Engineering Management
  • Engineering Judgment 
  • Critical Moments 
  • Career Networking
  • Career Planning

Flexible Implementation

EML Design & Transportation

Three Entrepreneurially Minded Learning (EML) Modules

Engage students deeply with the entrepreneurial mindset with these modules for a transportation engineering course.

Turning the Core Engineering Experience into an Innovative Platform


Project-Based Learning and the Value Creation Initiative

Explore what Worcester Polytechnic Institute has done to transform their core engineering experience! Scroll through their cards from this search page.

Engaging Faculty

Engaging Faculty

Multidisciplinary Teamwork (Construction)

Aunt Ada

Meet the Author

Jennifer Young

Jennifer Young, Program Director, The Kern Family Foundation

Jennifer joined the Kern Family Foundation in April 2017. Prior to joining the Foundation, she held leadership positions at Foley & Lardner LLP and ManpowerGroup. As a program director for the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Program, her responsibilities center on building and sustaining the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network. She has dedicated her career to delivering strategic solutions by building teams, aligning resources, and driving work.

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