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Inspirational story + Practical takeaways = Success!

Share Your Entrepreneurial Mindset Experience

What was your first encounter with the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) like? How have you implemented EM across your classes? What projects have your students delivered that incorporate EM concepts? 

If you:

  1. Are a current Engineering Unleashed community member (Not a member? Join today!),
  2. Have an experience that showcases the impact of the entrepreneurial mindset, and you
  3. Would like to share with other faculty to help and inspire, then—

We want to hear about it! 

Submit your story abstract

Submit Your Story Abstract

Fill out the form with your story abstract or synopsis. We are not requesting the story itself at this time!

Story abstracts are reviewed monthly. Your patience is appreciated.

Please note that submitting your abstract does not guarantee it will be accepted to move to the next stage.

Story Prompts & Topics

Not sure how to get started? Try these ideas:

  • Student perspectives. Do you have a current or past engineering student who would be interested in sharing their mindset experience? Read an example.
  • Faculty Development. Have you attended an Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development workshop and want to share your experience and outcomes? Read an example.
  • Campus initiatives. Have you led an initiative to bring the entrepreneurial mindset to your campus? Read an example
  • Faculty impact. Have you connected your work with EM to a broader community? Read an example
  • How To / Instructional. Do you have tips, best practices, or curated approaches to EM that would benefit other faculty? Read an example. And another example.

First Impressions

  • What was your first encounter with the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) like?
    • Were you an instant adoptee or a skeptic?
    • Had you already been practicing EM without putting a name to it?
  • What made you think the entrepreneurial mindset is what engineers - and the world - need? 

Exploration & Discovery

  • What cards have been most useful to you? For what purposes? (Insertable activities, labs, projects, etc.) 
  • What events (workshops, conferences) did you attend? 
  • Have you talked with or collaborated with other faculty? In your own institution or from another?

Support & Implementation

  • How have you implemented the entrepreneurial mindset in your classes?
    • Were there certain cards you searched for or were pointed to that helped?
    • Did you talk with other faculty?
    • Did you attend workshops or conferences?
  • How have you implemented the entrepreneurial mindset across your curriculum? Where did you begin and why?
  • How have you gotten faculty buy-in to implement the entrepreneurial mindset in their own classes or curriculum?
    • Do you have tips and tricks other faculty might use when communicating with others? 
  • How have you gotten institutional support to implement the entrepreneurial mindset across the entire campus? What lessons learned or resources can you share? 


  • Have you published about EM outside of Engineering Unleashed?
    • What did you publish and why would it benefit the broader community?
    • Are there supplemental resources or a narrative that would supplement the scholarly work?
  • What cards have you created that you are most proud of?
  • How did you decide what cards to create? What made you take the first step to creating a card instead of just consuming?
  • Have you collaborated with other faculty on a card or cards? How did that experience go? 


  • How did you get involved with KEEN? (Joined a school that already had KEEN partnership, were instrumental in bringing KEEN to your school, etc.)
  • What entrepreneurially-minded concepts or projects have you been involved with? (Includes workshops and live discussions)
  • What collaboration have you done with other KEEN schools?
  • Are you working with any non-KEEN schools? 

Faculty Development

  • Why did you choose to attend a faculty development workshop?
  • What was your perception before attending and did it change after? (Think story of transformation)
  • How has this experience helped you with your work?

Writing Guidelines

  • Write your story in the first person. This style is more authentic and authoritative, but also personable.
  • Use specific examples and data to drive your narrative.
  • Include resources. Provide Engineering Unleashed card links where applicable, but also other practical resources that other faculty can take, use, and/or learn from.
  • Edit your story or have it edited as much as you can before sending it to us.
  • Keep the paragraphs small and the sentences relatively short. This helps online readers scan and retain the content more easily.
  • Sum it up. Have a concluding statement or two that ties it all together, or lays out your next steps.
  • Submit all imagery you’d like included with the story. “Real” images are best--of your classes, projects, student teams, etc. Just make sure you have permission to use them.
  • Include a high-resolution photo of yourself and a 2-3 sentence bio.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of a student: Include the student’s high-res photo and their bio.
  • If you are submitting a story that has appeared elsewhere: Please obtain all permissions prior to submitting, and include links or other attribution language with your submission.
  • Make sure your Engineering Unleashed profile is up to date with a photo and bio (you can have your full bio on your profile). We will be linking to your profile when we publish your story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is submitting my story abstract a guarantee that my story will be accepted?

Abstract submissions are not a guarantee for acceptance. You will be in the first stage of review.

What can I expect after submitting my abstract?

We will review abstracts on a monthly basis. Regardless of the decision, you will be contacted.

Can I submit an abstract for a story that's appeared elsewhere?

Yes, but please obtain all permissions prior to submitting. If your story abstract is accepted, you will be expected to include links or other attribution language with the completed story.

If my story abstract is accepted, will you provide editing services for my story?

We request that you will edit or have your story edited as much as possible, including grammar, spelling, and syntax. We will provide writing guidelines and light content editing.

Will you require images for my story?

Yes. Where possible, "real" imagery is best! If selected, you will be asked to submit all imagery you'd like included with the story. This will include your own high-resolution photo. Keep in mind that if your accepted story includes students or is submitted on behalf of students, you will be asked to include student high-resolution photos as well.

Do you have a story to tell

Submit Your Story Abstract

Fill out the form with your story abstract or synopsis. Story abstracts are reviewed monthly; your patience is appreciated!