Writing Guidelines

Inspirational story + Practical takeaways = Success 

What can the reader take away from your story? What actionable items can they use? Follow these writing style guidelines as you craft your story:

  • Write your story in the first person. This style is more authentic and authoritative, but also personable.
  • Use specific examples and data to drive your narrative.
  • Include resources. Provide Engineering Unleashed card links where applicable, but also other practical resources that other faculty can take, use, and/or learn from.
  • Edit your story or have it edited as much as you can before sending it to us.
  • Keep the paragraphs small and the sentences relatively short. This helps online readers scan and retain the content more easily.
  • Sum it up. Have a concluding statement or two that ties it all together, or lays out your next steps.
  • Submit all imagery you’d like included with the story. “Real” images are best--of your classes, projects, student teams, etc. Just make sure you have permission to use them.
  • Include a high-resolution photo of yourself and a 2-3 sentence bio.
  • If you are submitting on behalf of a student: Include the student’s high-res photo and their bio.
  • If you are submitting a story that has appeared elsewhere: Please obtain all permissions prior to submitting, and include links or other attribution language with your submission.
  • Make sure your Engineering Unleashed profile is up to date with a photo and bio (you can have your full bio on your profile). We will be linking to your profile when we publish your story.