Events2020 KEEN National Conference Registration
There are many reasons to attend the KEEN National Conference, too many in fact to list. But check out this short video to see why you should attend.
Event Information
January 2 - 4, 2020
2:00 PM - 1:00 PM Central
$1,595 - Cost includes two nights of lodging and all conference meals.
EMphasizing Value

Are you interested in helping students apply entrepreneurial mindset to create value on campus and beyond? Then the 2020 KEEN National Conference is for you. Our theme this year is EMphasizing Value.

Engineers change the world for good when they have a mindset emphasizing value for others. In KEEN, faculty identify this mindset as the entrepreneurial mindset (EM). Engineers with EM:
  • Know there is more to learn
  • Ask great questions
  • Seek out new information
  • Talk to people who will be most impacted
  • Test out concepts to get feedback
  • Understand the importance of both what and why
  • Practice critical evaluation of their own ideas
  • Consider future implications    

This mindset is key to personal and professional success. As faculty, we equip engineering students with a technical skillset – a powerful toolbox – to take into a rapidly changing world. But a mindset that aims that toolbox at creating value for self and for others will have impact. This is why the 2020 conference theme is EMphasizing Value – to showcase the elements and dimensions of value.

Join 500 colleagues in exploring the impact that EMphasizing Value can have on your work and the future of your students. You’ll enjoy inspiring keynote presenters and KEEN Talks, as well as to collaborate with peers across 30+ hands-on sessions and panels that will immediately impact your work on campus.   

Ann McKenna
Arizona State University
It’s very much an environment that embraces the idea of change. The idea of trying something new and to take a risk. No one individual or institution alone can make the impact necessary to advance engineering education to reach students and faculty at a national scale.
Kathy Kolander
The Kern Family Foundation
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