Great faculty development paths inspire great careers. As a faculty member committed to lifelong learning, you are probably eager to add abilities, increase your effectiveness, and amplify your impact. Perhaps you even have goals over the coming year for your teaching, research, and your work with industry or community partners. 

These intentions can be ignited through exceptional faculty development opportunities. We encourage faculty development focused on the right topic at the right time. This path ultimately serves you as a professional, your students, and your institution.

The Faculty Development Program

The Engineering Unleashed community sponsors a range of faculty development opportunities. They are designed to increase your impact as a member of the engineering faculty community. 

Models of impact include teaching, research, and service. Many emphasize the four areas of scholarship [per Ernest Boyer]: Teaching, application, discovery, and integration. Within each area of scholarship, entrepreneurial thinking is core to discover opportunities and create an impact. Find the type of faculty development path that will help you reach your goals this year.

The Engineering Unleashed faculty development opportunities have the following five things in common:

  • Entrepreneurial mindset is a central theme within all workshop paths. 
  • The two to four day workshops invite participants, facilitators, coaches, and speakers from across the country to collaborate. 
  • You’ll receive expert guidance and coaching throughout the workshop. 
  • From beginning to end, the entire workshop is supported through, an open platform for sharing innovations in all areas of scholarship. 
  • All participants are committed to the entire journey, from the introductory pre-work to the full workshop experience, to collaborating and sharing the results of their work with the community.

Choose your track

Which track would accelerate your career, your students, and your institution? 

Teaching and Learning

Invigorate your teaching and create memorable learning experiences for students. A variety of teaching and learning workshops focus on team-based learning, creative teaching methods, adding educational purpose to makerspaces, and making the most of student motivations. Learn how to successfully integrate all 3C’s (Curiosity, Connections, and Creating Value) into your curriculum.

Application and Industry

Establish and improve relationships with industry partners. The creation of value is the underlying theme. These workshops explore a variety of ways to co-create value with industry partners that offer benefits to the partner, you, your students, and your institution.

Discovery and Research

Successful disciplinary research requires all 3C’s. In particular, curiosity lies at the heart of research for the academic entrepreneur. Engineering Unleashed workshops in this area will stimulate your thinking regarding new venues for disciplinary research and examine structures in which there are multiple beneficiaries and learning opportunities for stakeholders including your students and your institution.

Leadership and Integration

Workshops in this area focus on a variety of topics that range from academic leadership to the future of engineering higher education. As Boyer noted in his report, the influential scholar and Pulitzer prize-winning author, Mark Van Doren, remarked on integration. He said “The connectedness of things is what the educator contemplates to the limit of his capacity. No human capacity is great enough to permit a vision of the world as simple, but if the educator does not aim at the vision no one else will, and the consequences are dire when no one does.” 

Integration is an imperative. For this reason, a hallmark of all the Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development offerings is connectedness, and the relationship between areas of scholarship.


Register For Your Workshop

Click on one of the four tracks above to find a faculty development program that best suits you. Work with the leadership within your department, college, or university letting them know of your interest in an Engineering Unleashed faculty development opportunity. In many cases, there is support available that covers associated costs. Costs may be covered by external support, start-up packages, and institutional centers that support professional development.

Complete a Brief Introductory Video Series

The path for participants includes a brief introductory video series titled EM101 and EM201. The sequence unpacks the ideas underlying the broad term entrepreneurial mindset (EM). Equally important, the series includes a collection of survey questions and is an opportunity to interact with other participants, facilitators, and coaches.

Select a Candidate Project and Examine How Entrepreneurial Mindset Applies

At the conclusion of the video series, your facilitators will ask you to consider a candidate project or complete another exercise that will make your time to the in-person portion as valuable as possible.
2-4 DAYS

Attend Your Chosen Workshop

Participants from across the country meet at a select location for the in-person portion of the workshop. These generally range from two to four days and provide an opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and form cohorts that accelerate work.
At your pace; up to a year

Develop, Deploy, and Assess Project Work with One-On-One Coaching and Consulting

Participants meet with a coach (an area expert) and small cohorts as they develop their ideas and put them into practice. The goal is to provide support that helps you accomplish your goals following the in-person meeting, a missing element from most workshop experiences. Participants report that the follow up through coaches is a welcome, differentiating feature of Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development.

Share Results with the Engineering Unleashed Community

Through the Engineering Unleashed platform, participants create a resource (a platform “card”) to share their work with the coaches, their cohort, and the greater Engineering Unleashed community.

Potential Recognition and Funding to Amplify Your Work as an Engineering Unleashed Fellow

A competitive fellowship opportunity is available to those who successfully complete a faculty development program and are looking to advance the work they started.