George Mason University
George Mason University prepares learners for the future through inclusive and high-quality education and by committing to a diverse, inclusive, and welcoming environment. Among our core values are "Our Students Come First" and "Innovation is Our Tradition."

The mission of the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) aligns with Mason. We are determined to provide a transformative learning experience that yields visionary stewards of society who are prepared to discover solutions to complex global challenges and make the world safer, cleaner, and more prosperous.

Why We're In KEEN
We already embrace much of the KEEN Framework in our values and approach to engineering education. As a faculty, CEC has brought its own entrepreneurial mindset to our programs and initiatives. Discovery, inquiry, and synthesis are core values of the Mason student experience.

There are many examples of highly innovative programs we have created, such as:

  • We created the first-ever BS in Cyber Security Engineering, and ABET modeled its program criteria after our curriculum.

  • We pioneered a very creative dual-admission/transfer program for community college students, and approximately half of our 11,000 students follow that pathway to Mason.

Our existing and emerging areas of expertise span departmental and disciplinary boundaries and capture the depth and breadth of our faculty and student’s research, creative, entrepreneurial, and scholarly activity. As a KEEN Partner, we gain a more formal framework to intentionally embed EM in our undergraduate curricula and programs.

Developing the entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students will profoundly impact their careers and their ability to change the world for the better. KEEN is a collaborative network of universities and colleges committed to advancing undergraduate engineering education through EM. George Mason University provides access to excellence and is the largest, most diverse, and most innovative public research university in Virginia. Working together with other KEEN partners, we can achieve even greater outcomes for our engineering students, who are the workforce of the future.
--Dean Kenneth S. Ball, P.E.