Grand Canyon University
GCU is a missional, Christ-centered university with an innovative and adaptive spirit that addresses the world’s deep needs by cultivating compassionate Christian community, empowering free and virtuous action and serving others in ways that promote human flourishing.

Through academic excellence, the university equips students with knowledge of the Christian worldview, instilling in them a sense of purpose and vocational calling that enables them to be innovative thinkers, effective communicators, global contributors and transformative leaders who change their communities by placing the interests of others before their own.

GCU’s traditional ground campus, located on 300+ acres in West Phoenix, is one of the largest and fastest growing universities in the country.* GCU’s campus expanded from approximately 2,500 campus students in 2008 to approximately 25,200 as of Fall 2023. The campus is situated in a predominantly Hispanic community and has a campus student demographic of 45% minorities and 59% women. GCU's College of Engineering & Technology endeavors to offer opportunities to under-represented populations through our scholarship and STEM outreach programs, acknowledging the necessity of providing educational opportunities to individuals who may not have considered it accessible to them.

GCU offers over 335 academic programs and certificates through ten colleges and has focused on the growth of STEM programs, with curricula designed to prepare students to pursue a career in a STEM field. Engineering & Technology is proud to have ABET accredited programs and NSA Center for Academic Excellence Designations. GCU’s curriculum changes to adapt to new developments in various science, technology and engineering industries. GCU teaches students to foster traits in collaboration, creativity as well as ethical and social awareness to produce graduates who are well-prepared for the workforce.

College of Engineering & Technology Mission
The College of Engineering & Technology embraces technological and engineering excellence. The College cultivates a Christ-centered community of support and encouragement for our students, faculty and staff. Our mission is to ignite the potential within each student, equipping them with the knowledge and skills necessary to become innovative and entrepreneurial leaders in their respective fields. Committed to transformative learning, our graduates are empowered to make a lasting impact by fostering human flourishing, engaging in intentional service and bringing glory to God through their vocations.

*National Center for Education Statistics. May 2021. Fast Facts: Highest Enrollment. https://nces.ed.gov/fastfacts/display.asp?id=74. Retrieved April 14, 2023.

"I had the pleasure of attending my first KEEN National Conference in January 2013 in Tempe, AZ, where I first learned about the entrepreneurial mindset for engineers.  Immediately, I recognized this would be a valuable framework for building the new GCU Engineering Programs. Subsequently, I have had the opportunity to host Dr. Doug Melton for an on-campus workshop and attend several KEEN conferences along with GCU Engineering faculty.  Networking with KEEN partner institutions and the KEEN materials have provided substantial guidance for GCU Engineering faculty and programs.  We continue to value the practical insights provided by KEEN to the education of the next generation of engineers."
--Dr. Hank Radda, Provost
Emmy Tomforde
published a card
This card presents a way to make the statics method of joints more interactive.

Jeff La Belle
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BME382: Designing games to learn entire product development cycle
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