Miami University
Miami University embraces the Teacher-Scholar model, aligning our hiring practices and value system to attract and retain exceptional teachers who are also world-class scholars/researchers. Our faculty bridge these domains by inviting students into the excitement of research and discovery. The Teacher-Scholar philosophy permeates all academic divisions, enhancing Miami’s national reputation for undergraduate teaching.

KEEN’s mission to transform engineering with entrepreneurial mindset (EM) aligns with the College of Engineering and Computing's (CEC) mission and culture. CEC’s mission emphasizes graduating problem solvers who generate new knowledge and address societal challenges. CEC’s shared values combine effective learning and faculty growth with creativity & innovation and a global perspective. In a world facing increasingly complex challenges, the entrepreneurial mindset infuses and invigorates CEC’s mission and values for a next generation of global differencemakers.

Miami’s liberal arts emphasis balances technical abilities and critical thinking skills with a broad appreciation for social, cultural, and global contexts. The Socially Engaged Engineering and Computing (SEEC) initiative embodies these values, encompassing programs, research endeavors, and engagement opportunities aimed at using technology for good. These programs develop students’ abilities to learn from communities, identify opportunities, solve problems, and create value for others. This approach empowers entrepreneurial graduates to ask interesting questions, draw insightful connections across disciplines, and identify opportunities to apply their skills toward making a positive global impact.

We work continually to assess and improve teaching, learning, and critical thinking; to engage in scholarship of discovery, application, integration, and teaching; to contribute to the accumulated knowledge of the centuries through faculty and student research; to encourage creativity; and to promote the continuing intellectual growth of our community.

The entrepreneurial mindset is as vital for success in the 21st century as the pioneering mindset in the 19th century and the manufacturing mindset in the 20th. Once, a typical career was one job at one hometown company with a gold watch upon retirement. Now, disruption occurs at an accelerated pace. Entrepreneurial thinking equips us to respond to rapidly changing circumstances by evaluating options, imagining possibilities, and taking risks. The collaborations among higher education institutions fostered by KEEN are integral to infusing engineering students with the increasingly crucial entrepreneurial mindset Miami desires for all its students.
--President Greg Crawford