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Our land-grant roots help us thrive in agriculture and engineering, and have grown us into a pre-eminent research enterprise that excels across disciplines. More than 35,000 undergraduate and graduate students learn by doing — pursuing original research, starting new companies, and serving their communities. Our 9,000 faculty and staff are world leaders in their fields, bridging the divides between academic disciplines and training high-caliber students to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Together, they forge powerful partnerships with government, industry, nonprofits and academia to remake our world for the better.

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Why We're In KEEN
NC State is a community of scholars that apply best teaching practices to harness student curiosity and system thinking to produce impactful innovation that creates value in the world.

Being a KEEN partner offers our faculty access to foundational development opportunities that help bring more EM content into the curriculum. Individual faculty are encouraged to try something adding EM content into their classroom knowing that they will be supported in doing so. NC State values its reputation as a national leader in teaching Entrepreneurship; we are exploring ways to share with the Network even as we learn from what the other partners have done.

Engagement with Engineering Unleashed Faculty Development (EUFD) National Workshops:

Unraveling the Value Tensions of Sustainability with EML (UVT) aims to help instructors incorporate sustainability into their classrooms to allow students to manage the value tensions inherent in sustainability considerations. Our NC State team of facilitators and coaches have designed a framework for design thinking that infuses both sustainability and entrepreneurially minded learning (EML). This framework will help instructors to teach students how to balance tensions in value creation prioritize sustainability.

This workshop will be offered for the first time on June 3-6, 2024, in Minneapolis.

Current Work
NC State has embedded EM into its campus. We call ourselves Wolfpack Engineering Unleashed (WEU). There are several current initiatives that we would like to highlight:

Wolfpack Engineering Unleashed Incubator
The Incubator is NC State’s 2-day introduction to all things EM for faculty. Hosting 10-15 people a year, the incubator also offers coaching to help faculty develop and adapt the content to their class. Further workshops encourage faculty to publish cards on Engineering Unleashed.

Wolfpack Engineering Unleashed Community Expansion
We have created faculty development opportunities, such as New Faculty Orientation Workshop, presentations in department meetings, lunch and learns, and community events. Our NC State Leadership Team is exploring a credential program to reward participation in WEU. Faculty who engage in this program will build a community of practice which will spread throughout the university.

Previous Work
NC State began working with KEEN in 2020 as a subcontract from the Mentorship 360 grant.

Featured Cards

Attending the Incubator at the opportune moment before embarking on teaching a new course has proven invaluable, significantly enhancing my pedagogical approach. The exposure to innovative teaching strategies has empowered me to create a more dynamic and effective learning environment.
--New faculty member
Nancy Moore
published a card
Undergraduate Thermodynamics course group project requiring students to design a pump system.

Mingtai Chen
published a card
This project serves as a substitute for the final exam in Fluid Mechanics while integrating entrepreneurial mindset to promote active learning among students.