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As part of a national public research university, the University of Toledo College of Engineering provides a diverse, inclusive and student-centered environment where students work with committed faculty, staff and industry partners to obtain a transformative accredited engineering education, to discover and transfer new knowledge, and to improve the human condition in the region and throughout the world.

Much attention has been given to the cost of higher education, heavy student debt, and lack of career pathways for college graduates. Students will attend universities that keep the cost of attendance low, continuously improve curriculum/teaching methods, deliver exceptional customer service, and provide strong career pathways, including entrepreneurial mindset. The University of Toledo’s College of Engineering will be that institution.

Our hope is that our focus on student success, low cost of attendance, and integrated engineering job training will allow us to delight students and employers. We want the University of Toledo’s College of Engineering to be known as a highly affordable university where students graduate with zero college debt, enjoy strong support services, understand the value of engineering problem-solving and innovation, and earn a clear career pathway in industry, government or other fields. In addition, we want employers to respect and desire the real world skillsets of University of Toledo’s College of Engineering graduates.

Student success is the driver for all we do. We seek high retention and graduation rates, to ensure our graduates have the technical skills to meet any engineering challenge they face, and that they have also acquired the leadership, communication and innovation skills needed for success in their careers. Today’s students have methods (ways) they prefer to use to learn and want to know why they are being taught particular topics. Key foundational elements needed to achieve successful outcomes for our students include inspired learning opportunities from outstanding faculty and curricula directly connected to the Entrepreneurial Mindset Learning system.

Being a KEEN Partner is important to us because the resources available from the network are already helping us to transform dry curriculum delivery into impactful learning opportunities that show students the relevance and importance of what they are learning. In addition, the Network gives faculty assistance in transforming their course material into impactful learning opportunities that create strong teacher/student connections and positive student outcomes.

Finally the Network will let our faculty share insights, learn about best practices, and both inspire and be inspired by others doing similarly good work.

Learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset. You can also join Engineering Unleashed today.
We are confident we will be able to leverage relationships with KEEN partners and the learning resources they have created to strengthen our mandatory co-op program and deep ties with regional industries. The entrepreneurial mindset will help engage students in the classroom, increase their motivation to learn outside the classroom, and make them better engineers, employees, and leaders.
--Mike Toole, Dean, College of Engineering
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Fostering an Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering Education: An Introductory Workshop

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Innovations in landfill technology and process operations applied to existing landfills.