University of Michigan - Dearborn
The University of Michigan-Dearborn is committed to excellence in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship, as well as access, affordability, and community impact.

Our vision for the College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) is to offer an impactful educational experience that uniquely prepares citizen-engineers to integrate technical and non-technical knowledge for addressing contemporary global challenges. This is achieved in an inclusive and experiential environment that places strong emphasis on ethics, innovation, and creativity.

Why We're In KEEN
The leadership, faculty, and staff of UM-Dearborn/CECS value becoming a KEEN partner because the missions of KEEN and CECS are aligned, both with a focus on graduating engineers that are prepared to create personal, economic, and societal value.

Our role is to transform the lives of our students and their families by ensuring long term career success. As a KEEN partner, the opportunity to systematically integrate the entrepreneurial mindset into our curriculum will enhance our ability to deliver on our mission. Having access to the experience, knowledge, and faculty development resources through the network of partner institutions at various stages of the journey will be critical to our success.

The mission of the CECS is to be a leader in providing quality undergraduate and graduate programs in an environment integrated with practice, research, and continuing professional education, in close partnership with the industrial community.

We value the success of our students.
  • Our students have the passion, talent, energy, and character to thrive as engineers. We foster a respectful, inclusive, collegial, and academically exceptional learning environment that enables each student to realize their potential.

  • Our project-based, experiential learning approach produces engineers who find innovative solutions with societal value. New teaching methods, supplemental instruction, and augmented academic advising enhance student success.

  • Our Engineering Honors Program rewards students who participate in experiential cocurricular opportunities like co-ops or internships, competition teams, research, or mentoring, enabled by our dedicated industry partners.

We value innovation and creativity.
  • Faculty research involves teams of students solving relevant, complex problems through practical solutions, exposing students to creativity and innovation.

  • Faculty and students create novel, patentable ideas, license their technologies, and explore new business possibilities, exposing students to the entrepreneurial process.

  • Faculty who experiment with new engineering pedagogies challenge us to become more effective teachers.

Most importantly, we value the ethics and integrity of the engineering profession and value safety in all our practices and designs.

The hallmark of the engineering education at UM-Dearborn is the integration of theory with application through formal and informal learning experiences centered on practice-based learning. By incorporating KEEN’s entrepreneurial mindset into our educational programs, we equip our graduates with a systematic approach to utilize their creativity and ability to connect learned knowledge in developing solutions that focus on creating value for all stakeholders.
--Domenico Grasso, Chancellor
Caymen Novak
published a card
Hands on activity to make hydrogels which are a common component in biomedical research and regenerative engineering

Amanda Esquivel
published a card
Using the entrepreneurial mindset to propose a new design and test methodology for a blast helmet. This is a proposal, not a physical build.