University of Washington Tacoma
The vision of University of Washington Tacoma (UW Tacoma) is to foster a thriving and equitable society by educating diverse learners and expanding knowledge through partnership and collaboration with all our communities. Our institution is built on the values of: (1) Excellence, (2) Community, (3) Diversity, (4) Innovation, and (5) Access.

Vision of SET
The vision of the School of Engineering and Technology (SET) is twofold:

  1. To address the need to ensure the availability of well-educated bachelors and masters-level computing science and engineering professionals in numbers sufficient to support and fuel the growth of Washington's high-tech industries, and

  2. To provide every Washington citizen access and opportunity to prepare for, and advance in, outstanding and rewarding technology careers.

Why We're In KEEN
Entrepreneurial mindset is uniquely important to our campus and our region, and has become an important core goal for our leadership team. Our faculty have an emphasis on service that is focused on community partnerships, which aligns naturally with teaching students about creating value.

Many of our faculty have been very engaged in KEEN for several years. The ability to connect with faculty from other schools with a shared set of values is important to us. In particular, the focus on student formation and development of EM has been transformative for our own teaching. We hope to continue to build a culture in our unit that expands this principle in our colleagues.

Current Work
One strength of our campus journey with EM is our work to connect research with an EM focus into our courses. We have actively tried to create Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs) for most of our engineering students.

UW Tacoma is currently the PI on a KEEN-funded study called Research for All, of which a sub study (“URCurious”) seeks to implement and assess roughly 60 CUREs implemented across +15 institutions. In this study, the research team is seeking to evaluate the impact of CUREs on EML, as well as which CURE-related activities/practice have the greatest impact on EML. A desired output of this study is a robust workbook/guide of best practices for the scaling up of CUREs in engineering education.

Additionally, our school has grown rapidly in the last 5 years. Mechanical and Civil Engineering programs were added, increasing the full time faculty by 12. This has created a sense of urgency to make sure all our new faculty receive training on EM as they launch their careers. We plan to launch masters programs in both Mechanical and Civil Engineering in the next few years providing further growth in the school.
Instilling an entrepreneurial mindset in our students is an important part of our engineering programs at UW Tacoma. We are passionate about training our students to create value as a core facet of serving our community.
--Dr. Cheryl Greengrove, Vice Chancellor for Research
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A curated deck of 54 cards that connect EM to various classes, courses, and activities. View and download your copy here!

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EM-CUREs create opportunities for students to Create Value while making Connections in a manner that is also Creates Value for one’s own research.