University of Wisconsin - Platteville
Founded in 1866 as the first teacher preparatory institution in the state of Wisconsin, the University of Wisconsin-Platteville has a legacy of academic excellence that has helped thousands of students find their direct path to success. Today, UW-Platteville offers 40+ academic programs designed to help every student succeed professionally and personally. Engineering programs account for nearly half of the students on campus, with Mechanical Engineering being the largest program.

At UW-Platteville, we are unapologetically dedicated to undergraduate education and pride ourselves in offering a hands-on and engaging educational opportunities for all of our students. Hands-on at UW-Platteville goes beyond the many labs integrated into our classes and beyond providing students and student organizations with generous access to fabrication space; we ensure students have the opportunity to engage with what they are learning and are comfortable asking questions and interacting with their instructors. This is demonstrated by the passion faculty and staff have for teaching and learning.

KEEN allows us to transform our practical and skills-based education into an educational experience that focuses on promoting Entrepreneurially Minded Learning (EML). With EML, we better prepare our students to be valuable to their future organizations. The 3C’s, curiosity, creativity, and making connections, that are embedded in EML help students look past the immediate problem and see the broader impacts of their work including social, financial, cultural, political and environmental effects.

The Network will also add tremendous value to our students’ education. Every interaction by UW-Platteville with KEEN partners and others to date, through workshops, the annual conference, or Engineering Unleashed, has added tremendous value. Network partners are extraordinarily willing to share information and resources about engineering education. It is refreshing and inspirational to engage a community that shares our value of teaching and learning, and we look forward to contributing to the network.

University Mission: The University of Wisconsin-Platteville provides associate, baccalaureate, and master’s degree programs in a broad spectrum of disciplines including: science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; criminal justice; education; business; agriculture; and liberal arts. We promote excellence by using a personal, hands-on approach to empower each student to become broader in perspective, intellectually more astute, ethically more responsible, and contribute wisely as an accomplished professional and knowledgeable citizen in a diverse global community.

University Vision: UW-Platteville will be recognized as the leading student-focused university for its success in achieving excellence, creating opportunities, and empowering each individual.

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UW-Platteville has benefited immensely from our partnership with KEEN. The impact is real: Exceptional professional development offerings leads to greater student engagement and increased learning; support from KEEN has provided new opportunities for collaboration; and Network interactions have led to higher visibility for UW-Platteville and recognition for our faculty.
--Philip Parker, Interim Dean of the College of Engineering, Mathematics, and Science
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We will use pipe cleaners and beads created on the laser to make visuals of graphs and serve as in introduction.

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Empower students with hands-on learning! Build a sinusoid wave generator to grasp Fourier Series concepts effectively.