Wake Forest University
As a collegiate university that balances the personal attention of a liberal arts college with the academic vitality of a research university, Wake Forest University launched a new Department of Engineering in 2017.

Four characteristics uniquely position WFU Engineering:

  1. BS Engineering degree.

  2. Focus on undergraduates.

  3. Liberal arts education.

  4. At a research university.

Our vision for our engineering students is to be:

  1. Leaders and agents of change embodying the WFU motto of Pro Humanitate (for humanity).

  2. Active seekers and creators of knowledge.

  3. Empowered with the engineering fundamentals but also strengthened with the breadth of an exceptional liberal arts education.

  4. Adaptive experts that recognize the strengths and limits of his/her knowledge and her/his team.

  5. Innovators by embracing inclusion, diversity, and equity.

  6. Fearless in the face of complex problems.

With culture being a key driver in our program's growth, our shared values of empowerment, integrity, inclusion, compassion, growth, and joy embody every facet of our program (i.e. classroom environment, hiring ad and search process, developing promotion and tenure guidelines, curriculum development, space design, etc.).

Why We're In KEEN
KEEN represents engineering education leadership and a community of practice committed to pushing the boundaries of education in a manner that is systematic, sustainable, and shareable. The openness that exists in knowledge sharing among KEEN network members (and built into the process of collective growth) is a key facet that is a priority for WFU Engineering.

We are committed to not only pushing the boundaries of engineering education but accelerating positive change for the benefit of our students, the next generation of engineering leaders. Culture and character are key facets to achieving success.
Wake Forest is proud of our ongoing partnership with KEEN and the ways we share knowledge with others in the network. Our diverse faculty and student body represent well the priorities of KEEN in terms of inclusive teaching, intellectual curiosity, and cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset.
--Dr. Jackie Krasas, Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences
Jesse Pappas
published a card
Forged in motivational science, these strategies are designed to support team strength, motivation, and mutual value creation.

Patricia Clayton
published a card
A role playing activity to simulate decision-making during the 1978 scenario where the engineering design was found to be inadequate for quartering winds.