Wichita State University
Wichita State University’s College of Engineering is committed to serving as an essential educational and economic driver for Kansas and the greater public good. With an emphasis on experiential learning, our program uses applied learning and research to unleash student creativity, cultivating the entrepreneurial mindset and skillset necessary for our graduates to advance economic and technological prosperity, health and well-being in the region and beyond.

Why We're In KEEN
Membership in KEEN is integral to Wichita State’s transformation into an Innovation University focused on applied learning, entrepreneurship and economic impact. We have just opened our new Experiential Engineering Building, designed to promote hands-on, collaborative learning and to develop the innovative and entrepreneurial mindset in our students. Affiliation with KEEN will enhance our development of a faculty culture prepared to teach in this environment, fostering KEEN’s 3C’s of curiosity, connections and value creation.

The Engineering Experience at Wichita State.

Current Work
We have expanded a multidisciplinary freshmen design course scaled to 450 students taken by almost all engineering freshmen students. The innovative course design has allowed scaling through multiple sections and peer mentors to enable an engaging course that starts our students' EM journey. The result of the first pilot has shown an added benefit of an increase in year-to-year retention to 78%.

This year we have also had a focus on engineering education EM research development leading to publications. This we initiated by inviting speakers from ASU. The result has been an increase in EM focused conference papers submitted to CICE, ASEE, and elsewhere.

Previous Work

The Shocker Design Experience will train you how to lead with curiosity, work in small teams whose members respectfully challenge one another, and put you on the path to using an engineering entrepreneurial mindset to develop products that create value and reach all the way to the end user.
Yang-Seon Kim
published a card
Heat (thermal energy) can be converted into mechanical work by thermal engines.

Yimesker Yihun
published a card
This card presents a supplementary activity that is problem-based and entails taking risks, with the aim of improving team collaboration in semesterlong project