Marian University
The E. S. Witchger School of Engineering (WSOE) at Marian University commenced operations in Fall 2022.

WSOE's vision is for students to apply Franciscan values to develop engineering solutions for the benefit of society; engineering with a Franciscan conscience. Upon graduation, WSOE engineers will be uniquely prepared to apply their hands-on training to solve various professional challenges and be community leaders.

Strategic Goals
This vision aligns with the university's strategic goals, which revolve around three main pillars:

1. Ensuring access and success for all students.
2. Integrating science, technology, engineering, health science, and mathematics (STEHM) with the liberal arts.
3. Putting faith into action.

Primary Objective
The program's primary objective is to provide students with a high-quality engineering education that ranks among the best, equipping them with the necessary skills for successful professional careers and enabling them to become transformative leaders within their communities.

Why We're In KEEN
As a KEEN Partner, Marian effectively addresses the demand for engineering and technical talent in Indiana and the surrounding region by underscoring its dedication to equipping engineering students with more than mere technical skills. It acknowledges the significance of cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset that encourages innovation, problem-solving, and the determination to generate meaningful impact.

A distinct culture has been fostered within the WSOE team, centered around values that align with KEEN’s 3Cs.

These are:
  • Wonder/inquisitiveness (curiosity)

  • Innovative and out-of-box thinking (value creation)

  • Technically skilled

  • Collaborative and community-minded (connections)

  • Honest and ethical

  • Global mindset (connections)

  • Excellent engineers

  • Resilient and tough-minded.

By engaging with KEEN, Marian reinforces its commitment to offering a well-rounded education that prepares students for successful careers while empowering them to contribute positively to society. Engineering program graduates will possess technical expertise while embodying curiosity, honesty, ethics, collaboration, community-mindedness, global literacy, and resilience.
Marian University's E.S. Witchger School of Engineering envisions training engineers with a Franciscan conscience, specifically engineers dedicated to serving and advancing society. Our program cultivates an environment that sparks creativity and fosters innovation through hands-on, real-world experiences. By becoming a KEEN Partner, we can leverage the network to enhance further our capacity to produce graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset who embrace the engineering ethos for a better society. These graduates will be poised to tackle the most pressing global issues of the 21st century, making significant and lasting impacts.
--Dean Binh Tran, Founding Dean