Colorado School of Mines
Mines is organized into three colleges, each offering ABET-accredited degrees.

The College of Engineering and Computational Sciences (CECS) comprises some of the more "traditional" disciplines, with programs in civil, electrical, environmental, and mechanical engineering, as well as programs in computer science and applied mathematics and statistics. A new program in CECS is the flexible pathway BS in Engineering degree, which features a unique series of six design studios (one per semester each year before senior design) and allows students to develop individualized focus areas.

The College of Applied Science and Engineering (CASE) includes programs in chemistry, engineering physics, chemical engineering, and materials and metallurgical engineering. CASE programs offer more of a science orientation.

The College of Earth Resources Science and Engineering (CERSE) contains the original, "foundational" programs at Mines, primarily focused on resource discovery and recovery, with programs in geological, mining, geophysical, and petroleum engineering as well as programs in economics and business. CERSE also houses the humanities, arts, and social sciences. The vision of the three engineering colleges at Mines mirrors that of the institution. All three aspire to be a go-to destination for their programs as a result of the impact that their students make in the world.

Why does Mines value being a KEEN Partner?

Mines is unique in that it provides a very hands-on experience to its undergraduates. As part of our philosophy, we encourage students to participate in many activities, in and out of class, that require the use of tools and workspaces. In particular, we have several academic programs that make extensive use of makerspaces and project-based learning. Two programs in particular, entitled Cornerstone (Freshman-year) and Capstone (Senior Design) programs, help define the undergraduate experience at Mines. Additionally, there are a wide array of activities that have significant entrepreneurial content relevant to KEEN. These include numerous Innovation Competitions and College Trade Fairs.

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The administration at Mines is fully committed to the development of entrepreneurial programs, which is highlighted as a strategic goal in our 10-year strategic plan as, “Mines must operate with the entrepreneurial mindset of a private institution that promotes innovation in our programs.” The new Mines Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation provides the necessary foundation to allow us to integrate entrepreneurial programs into our curriculum and support related extracurricular programs.
--Dr. Paul Johnson, President, Colorado School of Mines
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Connecting engineering studies to technical education allows for disciplinary and pedagogical curiosity--expanding what engineering work is and can be.

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