WHY KEEN? YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR STUDENTS’ SUCCESS. AND SO DOWE. Your greatest moment as a professor is when you see your students succeed and find personal fulfillment. That is often what drives us to connect our students’ innate passions with new technical skills. But what if our role is greater? IT’S NOT JUST ABOUT SKILL. IT’S ABOUT A MINDSET. Technical understanding is essential to engineering. But engineers find success and personal fulfillment when they couple these skills with a mindset to create extraordinary value for others. The key is an entrepreneurial mindset. And it can be applied to any subject, including engineering. ENTER KEEN. ENGINEERING UNLEASHED. To champion the entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering, we created KEEN, the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network. KEEN is a collaborative network of colleges and professors dedicated to cultivating the core principles of the entrepreneurial mindset in their students. Together we unleash the full potential of engineering. “I’MTHANKFUL THAT KEEN CARESABOUT SHAPINGA BETTER EDUCATION FOR STUDENTS, ONE THAT INSPIRES US TOALWAYS FACE A CHALLENGE, TAKE EACHMOMENT ASA LEARNING OPPORTUNITY, AND GROW IN EVERYWAYASA TEAMMEMBER, STUDENT, AND PROFESSIONAL.” —ALEXANDRA SEDA ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING STUDENT AT OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY