“The work that KEEN is doing with colleges and universities is on the cutting edge of innovation in engineering education. Through collaboration and technology, this effort is strengthening the teaching and learning process. Colleges and universities across the country can learn a great deal from this model.” — Freeman Hrabowski President, The University of Maryland, Baltimore County “Universities in KEEN are all working toward a common goal: to increase both the supply and capabilities of engineers and scientists in our country. I think the attributes and philosophy that undergird the Network are very valuable for other schools to consider.” — Robert McMahan President, Kettering University “Being part of the Network gives us access to great minds and best practices across a wide set of institutions. It’s helped us to think differently about the way we educate students at Santa Clara.”  — Dennis Jacobs Provost, Santa Clara University “Being part of KEEN is about being engaged in a partnership with people who really care. They care for your institution; care about what you’re doing; but most importantly care about nurturing students that are well-educated and ready to tackle the kind of problems they face in the world.” — Peter Donohue President, Villanova University “I think it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to put a value on the benefit that KEEN has brought to Rose-Hulman in terms of extending our connections and capacities for developing entrepreneurial thinking. If you tried, I don’t know that there would be enough digits in the spreadsheet to showwhat we’re able to do with the Network.” — Jim Conwell President, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology The strongest part of the Network is the power of collaboration. KEEN universities are working together to make entrepreneurial mindset a national movement. “Bucknell is involved in with KEEN for many reasons. Most importantly, the Network aligns very well with our mission and what we’re trying to achieve with our students. Creating and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is important for the future careers of our students.” — Keith Buffinton Dean of Engineering, Bucknell University “Being part of the Network has made a huge difference in the education of every single one of our engineering students at Lawrence Tech. Students that graduate today are better equipped to make a difference in the world than students who graduated 10 years ago.” —Maria Vaz Provost, Lawrence Technological University What education leaders are saying about KEEN 39 38