AN INTRAPRENEURIAL INTERN What I Need for Work HP 48CV CALCULATOR 150MM DIGITAL CALIPER CLEO MESSOGRAF PEN 15W SOLDERING IRON Is that the legendary aluminum Haliburton briefcase? Yeah. I think it’s stylish. Kind of the Motorola block phone of briefcases. Nifty kicks. Yeah, they’re steel-toe pumps. Tell us what you do all day. Well, my internship isn’t about checklists and coffee. I’m working with customers to improve our products. You’re carrying a lot of stuff... Always be prepared, right? The only way to take advantage of opportunities is to have a full tool belt (or backpack). What’s on your mind? More than just solving problems. I’m always thinking of ways to create value for clients and coworkers. So what’s next? Getting back to school. I’m ready to learn new skills that I can apply to my next job after I graduate. ARDUINO DEV BOARD Have you learned anything? At first, I thought working within a company wouldn’t be entrepreneurial, but now I’m more excited than ever to find a job where I can make a difference. Blue Ocean Strategy “How can we create value through a differentiated product or business model?” Instead of competing with other companies, the purpose of this strategy is to make the competition irrelevant. The goal is to be alone in the “blue ocean.” Therefore, in this method, students focus on new customer markets instead of existing. Read more: Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne Painstorming “What are the biggest pain points that cause problems, unmet needs, or wants?” Painstorming identifies problems that need to be solved. Students think about problems, hazards, frustrations, faults, anomalies, worries, and concerns. They seek to create a better value proposition for existing products. For instance, what’s annoying about the airline seat in front of you? Nine Windows “Can we anticipate — then create — the next trend in our industry?” Students are challenged to look at opportunities through the lenses of time (past, present, and future) and scope (supersystem, system, and subsystem). They create a three by three grid with the center box being the opportunity or challenge. The next steps are to determine the supersystem and subsystem, identify the past and future, complete the remaining boxes, and reassess. Time You are here Hierarchy System -- Past System -- Today System -- Future Subsystem -- Past Supersystem -- Past Subsystem -- Today Supersystem -- Today Subsystem -- Future Supersystem -- Future > > > > IDEATIONTOOLBOX CONTINUED FROMPAGE 25 Biomimicry “Howwould nature solve this?” Solutions can be discovered by emulating nature’s patterns. Students should identify how nature achieves a functional design. There are countless examples such as trains being modeled after birds, materials mimicking sharkskin, and sponges inspiring new battery technology. 41 40