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UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN-PLATTEVILLE Platteville, Wisconsin. Public, Partner since 2020 . 6,485 total students, 2,056 undergraduate engineering students, 82 engineering faculty. The Leadership Academy welcomed its first cohort of 10 faculty members in fall 2021 to a series of weekly sessions. In the spring, the cohort shifted to leadership development topics and worked toward defining a collaborative change project. These projects involved colleagues andweremeant to advance the goal of reaching 100% of engineering students with EM. Members of the first cohort had all previously attended Integrating Curriculum with Entrepreneurial Mindset (ICE) 1.0 workshops at different times, with some attending more than two years previously. Forming the first cohort from faculty who began their EM journeys at varying times helped with community cohesion as they had a chance to see who else was participating and how they have been applying EM. Cohort sessions covered topics such as the business model canvas, intellectual property, and sustainability; these topics were then the focus of group conversations of how they could be used in courses as inspiration for an EM module. During the first iteration, the core team quickly discovered that their approach needed to first reinforce EM. There was a need for the cohort to come together and discuss the different definitions of the entrepreneurial mindset and to internalize the value proposition for EM in their own contexts. Discussion among cohort members and leaders helped refine their understanding of EM and how it might be presented in their own disciplines in the classroom. The combination of ICE 1.0 training and the Leadership Academy was a powerful way to build community and a deeper understanding of what EM means. “The Leadership Academy provides the long-term support and development opportunities faculty need to fully integrate EM into their classrooms. While ICE 1.0 and other KEEN faculty development activities are impactful, long- term engagement with like-minded faculty fills a need that no workshop could ever handle.” - Kyle Horne, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering For the second cohort, the fall sessions focused on deeper discussions of EM rather than hosting guest speakers as had originally been planned. For example, in one fall session, the cohort discussed the student learning outcomes related to curiosity, and each faculty picked one to complement a skillset objective in a particular class. Small, actionable pilots in class become discussion fodder for the next weekly session. The 46 47 KEEN’zine ― PARTNER SHOWCASE PARTNER SHOWCASE ― KEEN’zine