The vision of Michigan Tech's College of Engineering is to inspire students, advance knowledge, and innovate technological solutions to create a sustainable, just, and prosperous world, and provide exceptional research and education that is broadly accessible. Our focus is on graduating people who will have the agility and contemporary skillsets to stand out as their industry’s preeminent engineers, and who will be known for their ability to recognize opportunities that emerge from the physical, digital and biological world, and to act on those opportunities while understanding the broader implications relative to their industry, society, and the environment.

One does not need to look far to see how important collaborative relationships, across disciplinary and institutional boundaries, are in transforming engineering education—from programs that teach students how to shape curiosity in real-world, client-funded problem-solving to programs that help students create value through identifying unexpected opportunities to create extraordinary value. We view the KEEN partner network as one of these highly valued relationships…one where we can learn from the knowledge and experiences of others in the network and where we can contribute through our own strengths, successes, and lessons learned around the KEEN mindsets.
"I believe Michigan Tech can contribute, in a very unique way as a technological university, to implementation of the KEEN mission not only at our University but across partner institutions. I am certain being a KEEN partner will further ignite the synergistic energy necessary to cultivate learning environments that help students thrive. Students today are motivated to help others, to apply new knowledge in creative and unique ways, and to be positive change makers."
- Richard J. Koubek, President