The University of Detroit Mercy, founded in 1877, is a Catholic university in the Jesuit and Mercy traditions located in the City of Detroit. Since its founding in 1911, the College of Engineering and Science continues to graduate outstanding engineers through a combination of a required co-op education, a rich liberal-arts tradition and hands-on technical training. Every engineering student at UDM graduates with a full year co-op experience nested within a four-year curriculum. Beginning in 2006, and through its association with the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network, the College added a strong focus on the entrepreneurial mindset as a mean for better professional preparation. The College has five engineering programs: Architectural; Civil and Environmental; Electrical and Computer; Mechanical; and, Robotics and Mechatronic Systems.

UDM has benefitted greatly from partnerships with other KEEN schools. Together, they continue to develop, share and use curriculum and best practices across the Network. UDM has also benefitted greatly from partnering with other schools on intercollegiate student design teams. The differing cultures, traditions, and expertise of the students and faculty from the various KEEN schools makes for very rewarding and engaging collaborations. This collaboration is made possible by all parties speaking a common “KEEN” language.
"The challenge and opportunity that most of my students will experience during their first career step after graduation is being genuinely innovative inside a large, established organization. My students need an appreciation of intrapreneurship to prepare them for the dynamic milieu of technology driven businesses, where ideas are constantly in demand. The most impactful way I can teach intrapreneurship is to bolster students’ entrepreneurial mindset."
- Jonathan Weaver, Professor of Mechanical Engineering