Founded in 1961, Bucknell’s College of Engineering is ranked by U.S. News & World Report as #8 among the 202 engineering colleges not offering doctoral degrees. At Bucknell, engineering education is distinguished by frequent interaction between students and faculty, a strong laboratory component in the curricula and an emphasis on learning within a liberal arts context.

Bucknell University enjoys multifaceted opportunities to grow in their engagement with, and understanding of, the entrepreneurial mindset by being a part of KEEN. Collaborating with colleagues in discussions and planning for immersive experiences has served as a solid basis for ongoing conversations about EML extra- and co-curricular activities at Bucknell. Moreover, Bucknell faculty also value the many informal exchanges of ideas that they have shared with other members of the Network. These intangible interactions give them fresh perspective on the importance and practice of entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) throughout the Network.
"Bucknell is involved with KEEN for many reasons. Most importantly, the Network aligns very well with our mission and what we’re trying to achieve with our students. Creating and fostering an entrepreneurial mindset is important for the future careers of our students."
- Keith Buffinton, Professor of Mechanical Engineering